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42 Winter Nail Designs to Celebrate the Holidays

What's more fun than getting in the holiday spirit with a fun new nail design? Winter is upon us. That means more time snuggling up beside the fireplace, looking for any activity to pass the time that doesn't involve shoveling snow. Nail art, for those of you that still do your own nails, can be an excellent way to while…
3 days ago
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60 Stylish Brunette & Brown Hairstyles for 2017

Looking for that dazzling new cut to get the most out of your new brown or brunette hair color? Then you came to the right place. While blonde may get the most attention, brunette hairstyles are just as alluring. They can be chic, classy, and just as show-stopping as the most blinding of blonde hairstyles. This article will give you…
2 weeks ago
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60 Gotta Have Hairstyles For Any Special Occasion

Special occasions are fun, but deciding how you'll wear your hair? Not so much. Thankfully, these photos should make the chore a little easier. [wp_ad_camp_1] Flower bun updo. (Missy) Twist and wrap bun. (Britny) Knotted low updo. (Anne-Marie Dargas) Wispy bun. (Chiali Meng) [wp_ad_camp_1] Loose feathered flips. (Jenn Im) Relaxed low ponytail. (Ethan David) Elegant twisted updo. (Jennifer Klingvall) [wp_ad_camp_1] Side…
3 weeks ago

60 A-Line Hairstyles You Can Rock at Any Age

While you may have to wait until your hair gets a little longer to cut in that A-line bob or lob you've been dreaming about, it never hurts to nail down the details now—and with plenty of options out there, you're guaranteed to have a hard time settling on just one.   A-line hairstyles are suitable for women of all…
4 weeks ago

50 Picture-Perfect Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

When it comes to short hair, nothing styles better than thin hair—and these photos prove it! Here, a totally perfect and diverse collection of short hairstyles for fine hair. [wp_ad_camp_1] Soft bangs. (Hannah Burdy) Sweeping bangs. (Lhonette Bernard-Charles) Silvery grey hue. (Erika Bowes) Blonde ombre bob. (Riawna Capri) [wp_ad_camp_1] Blonde highlights. (Coryn Neylon) Bowl cut. (Vanessa Gidden) Pink roots. (Brittany…
4 weeks ago
Nail Art

40 Creative Black and White Nail Designs

Black and white nail designs are as timeless as they are beautiful. You can go matte, high-gloss, or even something shimmery. The options are literally endless. Here are 40 creative black and white nail designs courtesy of our favorite Instagram artists. [wp_ad_camp_1] Black and white paint graphics. (Ami Vega) Sea foam fishnets. (So Hot Right Nail) X-Ray flowers. (Park eun…
4 weeks ago
Curly, Long

50 Smokin’ Hot Long Curly Hairstyles

The following curly hairstyles are a combination of natural and styled. If you're lucky enough to have naturally curly hair then it's more about the cut, but for those of you not blessed with natural curls there are plenty of beautiful styles you can easily do at home. While short curly hairstyles are undeniable cute and stylish, they never seem…
4 weeks ago

50 Enviable Platinum Blonde Hairstyles That Just Might Inspire You To Go Blonde

Possibly the oldest hair trend in existence, going blonde, or for the sake of this article, going platinum blonde, is just as popular and life changing as ever. Below you'll find 50 ways to go platinum blonde that will send your friends and family into a proper jealous rage. [wp_ad_camp_1] Piecey waves. (Patricia J) Side-swept look. (Emily Luciano) Shaggy cool…
4 weeks ago
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42 Super Cute and Easy Nail Designs

If you think you've seen the cutest nail designs, think again. Over the past few weeks we've been on a mission to scour the web for the cutest, and most undeniably adorable nail designs known to women. From abstract mashups to fun themes, these designs will have you reaching for your nail polish in no time. Let's take a look.…
1 month ago
Balayage & Ombre, Short

53 Beautiful Balayage Looks for Short Hair

If you love balayage looks even half as much as we do then you're definitely going to enjoy this article. The popular coloring technique favored by stylists around the world offers unlimited options for casual and special occasions alike. Soft natural coloring is incredibly alluring which adds depth and texture to any hairstyle no matter what colors you choose. To…
1 month ago