50 Pretty Low-Maintenance Lob Haircuts for 2018

Lob is the ultimate hairstyles that it's easy to maintain for everyone and everyday. Not enough time to style your hair in the mornings? These medium length lob can be a life saver for those who don’t have time but want a cool girl hairstyle. Just adding some texture and layers to your lob will make a world of difference. Especially if…
16 hours ago

43 Sweet and Cute Valentine’s Day Nails

Red rose, candle lights, romantic dinner, chocolate… yes, It’s Valentine’s day! And some cute nail arts will make the romantic day extra sweet. Last year was all about pink and heart patterns but this year we will focus on unique designs that will express your love and feelings. That being said, we can not skip the hearts and pink on…
4 days ago
Balayage & Ombre

50 Blonde and Brown Highlights for A Fresh New Look

We all love the blonde and brown highlights because they are never goes wrong. If you are considering changing your hair color for the new year, this is prefect time to get the blonde (or brown) highlights and it will change your entire look. The best ting about this highlights is you can always find perfect shade for your skin…
2 weeks ago
Edgy, Occasion

42 Stylish Office Hairstyles for Girl Bosses

Smart girls know that a first impression is important in the business world. A clean and classic office look will make you look like a confident, trustworthy, and professional business woman. Just simply changing your haircut or adding a few waves to your strands can make a world of difference. Oh, you don’t have time for all that styling in the morning? Braids,…
2 weeks ago

53 Quirky Nail Ideas That Will Keep You Busy All Winter Long

Now that winter is here, you'll probably have a lot more time on your hands. And if you're still fighting the urge to dive full force into knitting (which can wait a few more years), you'll finally have enough free time to get your nail game back in order. Here are a few fashionable nail art ideas to experiment with.…
2 months ago

50 Best Braided Looks This Year

Quirky fishtails, wicked creativity, and multi stranded infinity braids. Let's take a look at some of the best braided hairstyles of the year. [wp_ad_camp_5] Natural crown braid. (Barefoot Blonde Hair) Viking inspired braid. (Kayley Melissa) Three strand infinity pony. (Alexandra Wilson) Mini mohawk braids. (Jacque Morrison) [wp_ad_camp_1] Bohemian braid. (Barefoot Blonde Hair) Textured braid half-up. (Neal Malek) Dream catcher braid.…
2 months ago

50 Chic & Stylish Pixie Cuts

Before you know it you'll be bundled up tighter than your favorite pair of high school jeans. So why not make a statement with a stylish pixie cut before winter becomes a reality. To help you get a jump on the design phase, we've gathered 50 of our favorite cuts that are all sure bets for fall. [wp_ad_camp_5] Side shaved…
3 months ago

50 Insanely Romantic Wedding Hairstyles for 2018

Brides to be, we have good news! Today we're showcasing our favorite wedding hairstyles that will be everywhere in 2018. Oh ya, they also just happen to ooze romance on levels you've probably never witnessed before, so regardless if you have already picked out that perfect hairstyle for the big day or you're still knee deep in Pinterest saves, we're…
4 months ago

50 Short Hairstyles to Try Now

Although there's nothing like a red hot summer to convince you to go short, the fall can be an even better time to experiment with a new hairstyle because hey, if things go horribly wrong, it's easier to weather things out inside for a while than it would be in the summer. After looking through the following 50 haircuts, we're…
4 months ago

40 Fun and Quirky Nail Designs for Autumn

As summer makes way for fall, you may find yourself spending a few extra hours inside as you make the transition from sunbathing and ice cold lemonade to warm blankets and hot tea. With all that extra down time, you no longer have an excuse to neglect those nails. Autumn is a magical season full of colorful natural beauty and…
4 months ago