60 Stunning Hair Highlight Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

Adding a few highlights to your hair can be a great way to add a little pizazz to your current hairstyle. But not just any highlights will do. We've all seen those amateur highlight jobs that look like they were done at summer camp with a lot of enthusiasm and a lot less know-how.  We always recommend that when the…
5 years ago

60 Gorgeous Mid-length Hairstyles for Women

Ah mid-length hair. That state of limbo between short hair and long, allowing you more styling options without sacrificing those long beautiful locks you've nurtured over the years. If you're looking for mid-length styling options than you came to the right place. Here are some of our favorite mid-length hairstyles for women that will hopefully inspire your new do. Enjoy!…
5 years ago
Balayage & Ombre, Blonde, Mixed, Short

40 Colored Hairstyles For Short Hair We Love

Natural is beautiful they say. Embrace what Mother Nature gave you they say. But with hair, it's just too easy and fun to reinvent yourself to follow any advice no matter how admirable it may be. So for those of you looking to add a little color to your locks, here are 40 inspirational do's for your guaranteed to love.…
5 years ago
Bob, Short

40 Hottest Textured Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts

If you're in need of a new look, a textured bob can be a versatile hairstyle that bends to every occasion no matter how classy or casual the event may be. Here are 50 of some of the hottest bobs hairstyles around. Enjoy! [wp_ad_camp_5] This soft textured bob. (Kristin Ess) This rooty blonde bob. (Buddy Porter) This wispy textured bob.…
5 years ago
Bob, Layered, Short

30 Splendidly Stylish Short Layered Bobs We Love

Did somebody say "layered bob?" Yup. We did, and we're about to go there in a big big way. A well layered bob is the epítome of casual class, superbly suited for a busy, yet inspired lifestyle. Here are 30 stylish layered bob hairstyles that will make you go "Yay!" [wp_ad_camp_5] This soft layered bob. (Jean Pierre Sosa) This chin length cut.…
5 years ago
Pixie, Short

40 Popular Pixie Cuts You’ll Instantly Want to Steal

Summer's here and along with the fresh lemonade and Slip'N Slides comes car interiors that double as Easy-Bake ovens and a whole lot smelly people you don't want anything to do with. Long hair, no matter how divine your locks may be, was truly designed for people who reside in colder climates—we're thinking Antarctica or perhaps northern Siberia. When the…
5 years ago
Medium, Wavy & Curly

The 40 Latest Medium Length Curly Hairstyles

Curls, curls, and more curls. These 40 trendy medium length hairstyles are just what you've been looking for to inspire your next cut. From beautiful balayage jobs to those trendy shaggy waves, these curly hairstyles are some of the latest fashions from around the world. [wp_ad_camp_5] These voluminous curls. (Romeu Felipe) These loose waves. (Studio Posh29) These blonde ombre waves.…
5 years ago
UpStyles, Wedding

40 Gorgeous Wedding Updos For 2016

Up or down. That's usually the first question a bride asks herself when pondering what hairstyle she'll sport on her big day. Long is beautiful, luxurious, and classic. But a sexy and sleek updo makes life so much easier and can be a Godsend especially if you're going to be in a hot and humid climate. Let's take a look…
5 years ago

The 40 Hottest Short Haircuts for 2016

Everyone's constantly looking for the cutest, hippest, and most adorable short hairstyle they can find. Luckily we've come a long way from the days of cutting out magazine photos and stuffing them into a notebook or dresser drawer for future inspiration. Today it's as simple as creating a new desktop folder or opening a Pinterest account and simply dragging and…
5 years ago
Balayage & Ombre, Blonde, Wavy & Curly

40 Curly Blonde Balayage And Ombre Hair Designs

Whether you're a blonde or brunette, here are some pretty inspiring balayage and ombre hairstyles that you never knew you needed. Enjoy! [wp_ad_camp_5] These vanilla blonde highlights. (Jean Pierre Sosa) These textured balayages. (Lena Heak) This beige blonde balayage. (Juan Diego Escámez) This ash blonde ombre. (Gabrielle Roccuzzo) [wp_ad_camp_1] These golden highlights. (Mandie Lynn) These fresh highlights. (Gina Devine) Dark…
5 years ago