Bob, Medium, Short

40 Super Chic Blunt Bob Hairstyles

If you've always wanted to go short, than there's nothing better to start with than a chic, omg-you-cut-your-hair blunt bob. Going short can be a shocking change—especially if you've never been able to let those locks go before. Aside from going really short, bobs are the obvious, and most common, choice for people going short for the first time. But…
5 years ago
Brunette, Long

40 Hottest Hair Color Ideas All Brunettes Will Love

In the age old battle of blonde vs brunette, a winner has yet to be crowned. Blonde is beautiful and so is brunette. So much so in fact that many brunettes dye their hair blonde and vice versa. Hairstyles get stale just like, well, almost everything. We're all familiar with the endless parade of blonde hair color ideas out there…
5 years ago
Balayage & Ombre

52 Blonde Balayage Looks to Envy

They look so glamorous, and so filled with fun that we're not having. There's something about summer that makes us all want to phone our stylist and schedule an emergency balayage session to get some of that hand-painted goodness. Icy blonde? Yes please. Ombrelage? Simply divine. Bring on the balayage. If you're looking for something that will stop the show…
5 years ago
Medium, UpStyles

50 Amazing Updos for Medium Length Hair

Up, or down — is usually the first question women ask themselves when it comes to deciding how to wear their hair for any particular occasion. Updos are perfect for lazy days with the girls on up to the most formal of events. In today's day and age the amount of different updos will figuratively blow your mind. It seems…
5 years ago

40 Best Fall Auburn Hair Color Ideas

This summer has been blistering hot all over the world. As the temperature starts to cool down and then leaves begin to change color, you might feel yourself itching for a change as well. Whether it be a new haircut or a different color, there's no better time for a little auburn than fall. Today we'll take a look a…
5 years ago
Braided, Ponytails & Buns

40 Stylish Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

You probably put your hair into a ponytail about as often as you brush your teeth. It's simple, it's functional, and it's incredibly low maintenance. But that doesn't mean it has to be frumpy. In fact, it's not uncommon to see ponytails being worn on the red carpet or in the pages of your favorite fashion magazine. There are literally…
5 years ago
Balayage & Ombre, Medium, Short, Wavy & Curly

40 Beautiful Beachy Wave Hairstyles We Love

The term “beachy waves” or “beach waves” can be used to describe a variety of different hairstyles. Usually beachy waves are a combination of brown and blonde using a balayage or ombre coloring technique but can be solid colors as well. A trendy hairstyle for summer, beach waves throw off a playful yet sexy vibe that has kept them in…
5 years ago
Medium, Short

60 Spectacular Side-Swept Hairstyles for Women With Style

Everyone secretly envies those women with the stylish side-swept hairstyles that look as if they were the result of an effortless but strategic hair flip. But why envy them when you can have one of your own? Side-swept bangs are a super-easy way to add a little style to any hairstyle while still keeping it easy to maintain. Inspiration and…
5 years ago

40 Trendy Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas

Looking for that perfect summertime cut or color? Then you came to the right place. Rose gold locks are one of the trendiest and most beautiful tones we're seeing this year. From subtle pinkish gold hues to dynamic and vivid gradients, rose gold coloring is in absolute must for anyone looking for something a little more unique and interesting. These…
5 years ago