Pixie, Short

43 Stylish Ways to Grow Out Your Pixie

There's nothing more satisfying than admiring the straight lines and super clean edges of a new pixie cut—a satisfaction only truly appreciated with a short haircut. It's almost a shame that your perfect pixie will inevitability grow out. Or is it? Some pixies get better with time and of course a little snip snip here and there. Let's take a…
4 years ago

62 Elegant & Beautiful Fishtail Braid Ideas

Although fishtail braids might not seem like the most innovative of braids nowadays, we can't deny they're equally as beautiful if not more so than traditional three-strand braids. The fishtail braid, or "Grecian" braid as it was known during the 1800's—yes, the 1800's, is an intertwined two-strand braid that closely resembles a French braid. Fishtail braids peaked in popularity during…
4 years ago