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43 Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles to Try This Summer

With summer just around the corner, what better way to usher in the warmer months than with a bold new hair color. Strawberry blonde to be exact. It's not quite as risky as pink, but you still get all the added perks of having completely transformed your look with something so fun and invigorating that you'll wonder why you didn't…
3 years ago

41 Springtime Nail Designs We Love

Springtime nails are known to be floral, usually full pastel colors and lots and lots of white— it's only natural. Light colors and elegant florals give your nails a youthful and playful appearance. These types of spring nails go well with dark, light, and of course natural colored clothing. If you're looking for flawless and adorable spring nail inspiration, look…
3 years ago
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35 Gorgeous Bow Bun Updos You’ll Really Really Like

You've seen them before. Maybe not in person but definitely on TV or in a magazine. Bow buns are a trend that has developed quite a following over the past few years. Bow buns are exactly what they seem; a bun in the shape of a bow. But what sounds like a novelty hairstyle reserved for risk takers, is actually…
3 years ago
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40 Swoon-Worthy Side-Shaved Hairstyles

What was once reserved for punk rockers and the high fashion elite, has now come mainstream. What would once earn you a jaw drop along with a head turn on the street, now won't even get you second look. And that's a good thing. As the rest of the world has caught up, those pioneering women striving for something edgy…
3 years ago
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43 Glamorous Workout Hairstyles to Achieve Your Gym Hair Goals

Workout hairstyles usually share one thing in common, function. Although we've all seen that girl, or possibly been that girl, at the gym that may or may not be there purely to work on her physical form because come on, the needs of your social and romantic life are priority numero uno right? Anyways, besides those forgot-my-hair tie situations, getting…
3 years ago

40 Headband Hairstyles You’ll Wanna Save For Later

While women originally started wearing headbands for practical purposes, think doing life in 90 degree heat, they quickly developed into a fashionable trend that women nowadays have down to a science. Headbands aren't for every woman you might say. That is, until you give them a chance. All you need is a bandana, some string, or any piece of material…
3 years ago
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41 Glamorous Glitter Root Hairstyles for Festival Season

If you're looking for something fun and completely DIY for this year's festival season, then you came to the right place. Glitter root hair is, well, exactly what it sounds like; glitter on your roots. But look how pretty it is! It almost feels wrong referring to this surprising trend as a hairstyle. Perhaps hair decor would be more suitable.…
3 years ago

40 Pixie Haircuts That Will Make Your Summer

Obtaining the perfect pixie cut is a feat easily achieved. Pixie haircuts are wonderful things. They fill your head with liberating thoughts, mind their own business, and always manage to make you smile, or cry, depending on the current state of your psyche. If you're looking to avoid sticky face hair this summer and perhaps have a little unobstructed fun,…
3 years ago

44 Gorgeous Festival Nail Art Designs

Festival season is upon us. You've already got tickets, an outfit, and a killer hairstyle lined up, but what about your nails?!? Don't panic. Luckily we've already done the heavy-looking on and are here to save your festival look. Your nails are the final piece to your festival puzzle. And while you may not think your friends will notice, trust…
3 years ago
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50 Bohemian Hairstyles to Celebrate Summer

The term "Bohemian hairstyles" has come to represent a wide variety of different hairdo's. The Bohemian type, comprised of artists, free spirits, and wandering adventure seekers were free to style their hair in any way they pleased, which resulted in a lot of creative hairstyles featuring braids and headbands. Today the bohemian look is more popular than ever. Whether you're…
3 years ago