41 Office Ready Updos for 2017-2018

Just because you're at work doesn't mean your hair should suffer. In fact, the majority of your social life actually revolves around work, so looking your best is an absolute must. In today's day and age, we spend an astonishing portion of our daily life at work, only to drag ourselves home too exhausted to do anything but watch a…
4 years ago

40 Short Summer Haircuts for Women With Fine Hair

Thin hair, fine hair, regardless of what you call it, there are certain hairstyles that suit your particular hair type best. And since it's almost summer, you'll certainly be looking for a new look—and of course it's going to be short. Why? Because this summer is all about the short hairstyle. Below, we've selected a few different options for those…
4 years ago

43 Elaborate Bridal Hairstyles Your Summer Wedding Needs

Your big day is all about excess. The day you get married is arguably the most important day of your life, and how your hair looks on this particular day will be scrutinized, shared, and viewed on a regular basis by anyone who happens to stop by your Facebook or Instagram page for, well, ever. So you best skip that…
4 years ago

43 Super Cute Ways to Wear Your Nails This Summer

There are cute nails and then there's super cute nails. Today we'll be looking at the latter. With summer about a month away, you still have time to practice your favorite summer nail trend, so come beach time, you're flaunting perfectly executed nail art that just oozes summer fun. Without further adieu, let's take a look at a few super…
4 years ago

40 Super Pretty Summer Braids for 2017

According to Marie Claire, pigtails will dominate this summer's BBQ's and boardwalks. And judging by the amount of pigtails and various other braided combinations we've seen throughout festival season already, we tend to agree. This summer is all about braids. Let's check out some of the best looks to keep you in trend this summer. [wp_ad_camp_5] Curly summer braid with…
4 years ago
Layered, Long, Short

42 Face Slimming Hairstyles That Will Make You Confident AF

Trying out a new haircut is always a mixed bag of emotions—especially for those women that may have issues with the size or shape of their face. Having too round of a face is a common insecurity many women secretly harbor. Certain haircuts and styles have ways of concealing or complimenting rounded face shapes, but it takes a little digging…
4 years ago
Highlights, Long, Messy

41 Textured Hairstyles With Infinite Beach Vibes

Every woman wants hair that looks as if she just go back from a photo shoot at the beach. Or perhaps it's better to say "looks as if she belongs in a photo shoot at the beach," 'cause let's face it, a day at the beach doesn't always do wonders for our hair. Beachy tones, vibes, or just "beachy hair"…
4 years ago
Color, Other

52 Inspiring Hair Color Ideas for Summer 2017

Between all the fashion, nail, and makeup trends debuting this year, there's a lot to take in if you want to keep up with the latest hair trends. Along with the cut, color is arguably just as important when it comes to the overall look and impact of a particular hairstyle. With summer here, you've probably been desperately scouring everything…
4 years ago
Wavy & Curly

40 Textured Curly Hairstyles for Short Hair

2016 brought with it some pretty impressive curly hairstyles, including a whole gang of what we consider "textured" curly hairstyles. Now that 2017 is upon us, we've seen an even larger influx of curly hairstyles hitting social media image sharing sites, hinting that this year will definitely be full of amazing and undeniably tempting curly hairstyles to try—regardless of your…
4 years ago

31 Crazy Creative Nail Designs You’re Going to Want to Try

Summer is all about trying new things and keeping an open mind. It's the best time to debut a fresh new haircut, new outfits and those imaginative nail designs you've been secretly saving from Pinterest. Here are 31 creative and fun nail designs that are guaranteed to make your summer one to remember. [wp_ad_camp_5] Aqua quartz. (Park Eunkyung) Sleeping fluffy furbies.…
4 years ago