30 Splendidly Stylish Short Layered Bobs We Love

Emily Gold 06-19-2016 PM ET / 0 Shares

Did somebody say “layered bob?” Yup. We did, and we’re about to go there in a big big way. A well layered bob is the epítome of casual class, superbly suited for a busy, yet inspired lifestyle. Here are 30 stylish layered bob hairstyles that will make you go “Yay!”

This soft layered bob.

Soft layered bob by Jean Pierre Sosa

(Jean Pierre Sosa)

This chin length cut.

Chin length cut by Acacia Brinley

(Acacia Brinley)

This wavy layered bob.

Wavy layered bob by Anh Co Tran

(Anh Co Tran)

These inverted layers.

Inverted layers by Ricky Moica

(Ricky Moica)

This balayage bob.

Balayage bob by Erik Ryan Harris

(Erik Ryan Harris)

This natural bob.

Natural bob by Richard Canales

(Richard Canales)

Shaggy with volume.

Shaggy with volume by Romeu Felipe

(Romeu Felipe)

This side swept long bob.

Side swept long bob by Jean Pierre Sosa

(Jean Pierre Sosa)

These textured layers.

Textured layers by Anh Co Tran

(Anh Co Tran)

These choppy layers.

Choppy layers by Anna Russett

(Anna Russett)