31 Crazy Creative Nail Designs You’re Going to Want to Try

Emily Gold 05-01-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

Summer is all about trying new things and keeping an open mind.

It’s the best time to debut a fresh new haircut, new outfits and those imaginative nail designs you’ve been secretly saving from Pinterest.

Here are 31 creative and fun nail designs that are guaranteed to make your summer one to remember.

Aqua quartz.

Aqua quartz by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)

Sleeping fluffy furbies.

Sleeping fluffy furbies by Clarah Nails

(Clarah Nails)

LA vibes.

LA vibes by Liam Peter Taylor

(Liam Peter Taylor)

Succulent mani.

Succulent mani by Arozona


Monsters Inc. nails.

Monsters Inc nails by Kayleigh O'Connor

(Kayleigh O’Connor)

Wire nails.

Wire nails by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)


Sprinkles by Cassandre Marie

(Cassandre Marie)

Rose quartz.

Rose quartz by Ryu Jamae

(Ryu Jamae)

Starbucks nails.

Starbucks nails by Maiko


Dry flower nails.

Dry flower nails by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)

Diamond studded.

Shine bright like a diamond by Classy Claws

(Classy Claws)