31 Crazy Creative Nail Designs You’re Going to Want to Try

Emily Gold 05-01-2017 AM ET / 128 Shares

McDonald’s nails.

McDonald's nails by Maiko


Nail piercing rings.

Nail piercing rings by Nail Sculptress

(Nail Sculptress)

Candy nails.

Candy nails by Unistella


Precious stones.

Precious stones by Chalkboard Sarah

(Chalkboard Sarah)

Unicorn nails.

Unicorn nails by Susan


Pom poms.

Pom poms by Cassandre Marie

(Cassandre Marie)

3D nail art embellishments.

3D nail art embellishments by Nail Sculptress

(Nail Sculptress)

French twist veteran nails.

French twist veteran nails by Guin Deadman

(Guin Deadman)

Tobacco nails.

Tobacco nails by Mei Kawajiri

(Mei Kawajiri)

Mardi Gras inspired nails.

Mardi Gras inspired nails by Karen Gutierrez

(Karen Gutierrez)