32 Cute & Curly Hairstyles That Totally Work

Emily Gold 10-10-2018 AM ET / 0 Shares

Curly bob.

Curly bob by Marine Faure

(Marine Faure)


Babylights by Carol Mamprin

(Carol Mamprin)

Pixie with shaved line.

Pixie with shaved line by Step the Barber

(Step the Barber)

Subtle highlights.

Subtle highlights by The Mona Cut

(The Mona Cut)

Loose curls.

Loose curls by Andrea Brooks

(Andrea Brooks)

Shaggy layers.

Shaggy layers by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Hair scarf.

Hair scarf by Alanna Doherty

(Alanna Doherty)

Rumpled curls.

Rumpled curls by Armine Isajan

(Armine Isajan)

High bun.

High bun by Jade Kendle

(Jade Kendle)

Layered bob.

Layered bob by Ashlea Penfold

(Ashlea Penfold)

Wavy bun.

Wavy bun by Dvir Tvik

(Dvir Tvik)