32 Easy Summer Hat Hairstyles

Emily Gold 07-26-2017 PM ET / 0 Shares

I know what you’re thinking. Don’t people wear hats so they don’t have to worry about their hair? Sadly enough, this was my way of thinking until about, well, I’d rather not embarrass myself this early in the morning but it probably goes without saying that my hat game was less than on point prior to writing this article.

Apparently hats are more of a hair accessory than anything else. In fact, when paired properly, hats can add a whole new dimension to a particular hairstyle and open up a world of looks for those in the know. Today we’ll take a look at a few hat hairstyles that really caught our attention over the past few weeks. Check these out, and don’t forget to save and share your favorites.

Tousled & textured.

Tousled & textured by Brittany Sullivan

(Brittany Sullivan)

Effortless braid.

Effortless braid by Chrissy Rasmussen

(Chrissy Rasmussen)

Natural waves.

Natural waves by Chris Greene

(Chris Greene)

Topsytail pigtails.

Topsytail pigtails by Blohaute


Loose waves.

Loose waves by Marina Laswick

(Marina Laswick)

Braided low ponytail.

Braided low ponytail by Elvira Jonsson

(Elvira Jonsson)

Wispy layered bob with bangs.

Wispy layered bob with bangs by Sarah McCune

(Sarah McCune)

Topsy side braid.

Topsy side braid by Torie Bliss

(Torie Bliss)

Braided bangs.

Braided bangs by Dane Wakefield

(Dane Wakefield)

Ponytail with baby braid.

Ponytail with baby braid by Kirsten Zellers

(Kirsten Zellers)

Festival look.

Festival look by Alex Centomo

(Alex Centomo)

Double fishtails.

Double fishtails by Taylor Lamb

(Taylor Lamb)

Half-up crown braid.

Half-up crown braid by Stephanie Danielle

(Stephanie Danielle)

Braid pigtails.

Braid pigtails by Aspen Mansfield

(Aspen Mansfield)

Halo braid.

Halo braid by Noella Van de Voorde

(Noella Van de Voorde)

Subtle highlights and curls.

Subtle highlights and curls by Stephanie Abu-Sbeih

(Stephanie Abu-Sbeih)

Inside out fishtail.

Inside out fishtail by Twin Tresses

(Twin Tresses)

Rumpled long waves.

Rumpled long waves by Marina Laswick

(Marina Laswick)

Textured bob.

Textured bob by Alanna Durkovich

(Alanna Durkovich)

Beach waves.

Beach waves by Emma Chen

(Emma Chen)

Braid pop.

Braid pop by Torie Bliss

(Torie Bliss)

Wispy braid pigtails.

Wispy braid pigtails by Abby Smith

(Abby Smith)

Relaxed curls.

Relaxed curls by Stephanie Danielle

(Stephanie Danielle)

Rumpled wavy ponytail.

Rumpled wavy ponytail by Alex Centomo

(Alex Centomo)

Front row braid.

Front row braid by Kara Hurston

(Kara Hurston)

Curly bob.

Curly bob by Snitchery


Natural dark blonde.

Natural dark blonde by Charlie Gauci

(Charlie Gauci)

Side pull-through braid.

Side pull-through braid by Kirsten Zellers

(Kirsten Zellers)

Messy curls.

Messy curls by Fabiola Moreno

(Fabiola Moreno)

Soft curls.

Soft curls by Lisa-Marie Schiffner

(Lisa-Marie Schiffner)

80’s vibes.

80's vibes by Alanna Durkovich

(Alanna Durkovich)

Ash blonde waves.

Ash blonde waves by Aspen Mansfield

(Aspen Mansfield)