33 Luxurious Marble Nail Designs

Sylvia Jane

Emily Gold 10-09-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

Marble is luxury. From antiquity to modern day times, marble has enjoyed its status as one of the most coveted materials in existence. Its natural beauty, elegance, and durability has kept it in style for thousands of years. Everything from faux floor tiles to, well, nail designs have done their best to imitate the look of natural marble. While not a new trend, marble nail art has a unique and mesmerizing appearance that isn’t as difficult to pull off as it looks. With a little know how and the right inspiration, you’ll be rockin’ marble nails in no time. From realistic carrara marble to colorful swirling creations, here’s everything you need to see.

Smokey nails.

Smokey nails by Chelsea King

(Chelsea King)

White stone marble.

White stone marble by Sylvia Jane

(Sylvia Jane)

Pink shades.

Pink shades by Hannah Rox

(Hannah Rox)

Reverse french nails.

Reverse french nails by Cassandre


Carrara marble.

Carrara marble by The Illustrated Nail

(The Illustrated Nail)

Watercolor marble.

Watercolor marble by Ami Vega

(Ami Vega)

Black and white.

Black and white by SoNailicious


Peachy and grey.

Peachy and grey by Sense Hong

(Sense Hong)

Green marble nails.

Green marble nails by SoNailicious


Granite marble nails.

Granite marble nails by Sammy The Nailasaurus

(Sammy The Nailasaurus)

Colorful marble texture tips.

Colorful marble texture tips by Asami