35 Gorgeous Bow Bun Updos You’ll Really Really Like

Emily Gold 03-26-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

You’ve seen them before. Maybe not in person but definitely on TV or in a magazine. Bow buns are a trend that has developed quite a following over the past few years. Bow buns are exactly what they seem; a bun in the shape of a bow. But what sounds like a novelty hairstyle reserved for risk takers, is actually a beautiful trend that’s perfect for any occasion. We have hunted down the most gorgeous examples of bow buns executed in a variety of different styles for anyone interested in this adorable and playful trend.

Reverse braids into space bow buns.

Reverse braids into space bow buns by Nina Starck

(Nina Starck)

Braided & textured bow bun.

Braided & textured bow bun by Michele Evors

(Michele Evors)

Half-up hair bow.

Half-up hair bow by Missy Sue

(Missy Sue)

Reverse braid bow bun with metal hair cuffs.

Reverse braid bow bun with metal hair cuffs by Jordan Pomeroy

(Jordan Pomeroy)

Half-up bow with bouncy curls.

Half-up bow with bouncy curls by Jordan


Minnie bow.

Minnie bow by Nina Starck

(Nina Starck)

Rainbow pastel bow bun.

Rainbow pastel bow bun by Neal Malek

(Neal Malek)

3D braid into hair bow.

3D braid into hair bow by Joel Benjamin

(Joel Benjamin)

Tied up bow.

Tied up bow by Abellas Braids

(Abellas Braids)

Pastel rainbow.

Pastel rainbow by Amy the Mermaid

(Amy the Mermaid)

Highlighted bow bun.

Highlighted bow bun by Sadie Gray

(Sadie Gray)