35 Gorgeous Bow Bun Updos You’ll Really Really Like

Emily Gold 03-26-2017 AM ET /
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Neon color hair bow.

Neon color hair bow by Winnipeg Canada

(Winnipeg Canada)

Super big bow bun.

Super big bow bun by Sarah Angius

(Sarah Angius)

Rose bow bun.

Rose bow bun by Mimia Massari

(Mimia Massari)

Upside down dutch braid into a bow.

Upside down dutch braid into a bow by Samantha


Bow & corset braid.

Bow & corset braid by Renèe Marie

(Renèe Marie)

Cute mini bow half-up.

Cute mini bow half-up by Molly & Joanna

(Molly & Joanna)

Low side bun.

Low side bun by Nina Starck

(Nina Starck)

Simple and quick half-up.

Simple and quick half-up by Twin Tresses

(Twin Tresses)

Crown braid to mini bow.

Crown braid to mini bow by Samantha


Bow and bangs.

Bow and bangs by Kate Breedlove

(Kate Breedlove)

Mixed braid & hair bow.

Mixed braid & hair bow by Jordan


Headband bow bun.

Headband bow bun by Guy Tang

(Guy Tang)