40 Best Hair Color Ideas for Summer (2016)

Jean Pierre Sosa

Emily Gold 06-06-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

How about some color this summer? New haircuts can really put a spring in your step but so can a little color. From versatile ombre looks to playful gradients, we’ve selected some of the hottest and most appealing color combos for summer. Enjoy!

Golden blonde balayage.

Golden bolnde balayage by Christine Silverman

(Christine Silverman)

Baby blue highlights.

Baby blue highlights by Jennie Kay

(Jennie Kay)

Pearly silver highlights.

Pearly silver highlights by Alex Centomo

(Alex Centomo)

Rustic raspberry balayage.

Rustic raspberry balayage by Melinda Miller-Rider

(Melinda Miller-Rider)

Ash blonde.

Ash blonde by Sunny Su

(Sunny Su)

Metallic lavender.

Metalic lavender by Hayley


Silver grey ombre.

Silver grey ombre by Christina


Pastel rainbow.

Pastel rainbow by Melinda Miller-Rider

(Melinda Miller-Rider)

Platinum blonde.

Platinum blonde by Romeu Felipe

(Romeu Felipe)

Bubble gum pink.

Bubble gum pink by Jennie Kay

(Jennie Kay)

Honey blonde highlights.

Honey blonde highlights by Jarrod Shinn

(Jarrod Shinn)

Electric sorbet.

Electric sorbet by Cut Artisan

(Cut Artisan)

White blonde ombre.

White blonde ombre by Alex Centomo

(Alex Centomo)

Nude blush.

Nude blush by Linh Phan

(Linh Phan)

Vintage red wine.

Vintage red wine by Makayla


Caramel blonde balayage.

Caramel blonde balayage by Tess Christine

(Tess Christine)


Mint by Cut Artisan

(Cut Artisan)

Pearly silver blonde.

Pearly silver blonde by Kirsty Fleming

(Kirsty Fleming)

Dark auburn.

Dark auburn by Mandie Lynn

(Mandie Lynn)


Flume by Daniel Moon

(Daniel Moon)

Vivid blue and green.

Vivid blue and green by Cut Artisan

(Cut Artisan)

Warm dark blonde balayage.

Warm dark blonde balayage by Christine Silverman

(Christine Silverman)

Neon green.

Neon green by Jessica Gonzalez

(Jessica Gonzalez)

Rose gold.

Rose gold by Christina



Lavender by Martina


Rooty soft blonde.

Rooty soft blonde by Christine Silverman

(Christine Silverman)

Red with dimension.

Red with dimension by Elizabeth Matchell

(Elizabeth Matchell)

Silvery lavender.

Silvery lavender by Linh Phan

(Linh Phan)

Sun kissed balayage.

Sun kissed balayage by Christine Silverman

(Christine Silverman)

Smokey blue.

Smokey blue by Linh Phan

(Linh Phan)

Neon green balayage.

Neon green balayage by Makayla


Stone washed.

Stone washed by Daniel Moon

(Daniel Moon)

Apricot rose.

Apricot rose by Hayley


Champagne blonde ombre.

Champagne blonde ombre by Jean Pierre Sosa

(Jean Pierre Sosa)


Magenta by Sunny Su

(Sunny Su)

Pink rose gold.

Pink rose gold by Anna Russett

(Anna Russett)


Denim by Sunny Su

(Sunny Su)

Misty peach.

Misty peach by Melinda Miller-Rider

(Melinda Miller-Rider)


Turquoise by Singi Vo

(Singi Vo)

Dusty lavender.

Dusty lavender by Jessica Gonzalez

(Jessica Gonzalez)

Hint of pink.

Hint of pink by Mandie Lynn

(Mandie Lynn)