40 Blissful Balayage Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Shane Craig

Emily Gold 09-24-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

Whether you have straight or curly short hair, a great way add depth and dimension to your hair is with a little balayage coloring. If you’re new to the world of balayage or just looking for a new color combination then you came to the right place. While ombre fades are often best suited for longer hair, short hairstyles tend to favor balayage. Experimenting with a new balayage look will give your hair an added level of texture without having to spend all morning styling it.

Gradation of blonde ombre.

Gradation of blonde ombre by Stephen Garrison

(Stephen Garrison)

Auburn blonde balayage.

Auburn blonde balayage by Kara Hurston

(Kara Hurston)

Effortless texture.

Effortless texture by Charlie Price

(Charlie Price)

Golden chestnut balayage.

Golden chestnut balayage by Dominick Serna

(Dominick Serna)

Strawberry blonde ombre.

Strawberry blonde ombre by Shane Craig

(Shane Craig)

Soft ombre.

Soft ombre by Keary Bladel

(Keary Bladel)

Dark roots.

Dark roots by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Baby blonde balayage.

Baby blonde balayage by Sammi Smith

(Sammi Smith)

Light blonde highlights.

Light blonde highlights by Kara Hurston

(Kara Hurston)

Caramel blonde balayage.

Caramel blonde balayage by Noelle Breckenridge

(Noelle Breckenridge)