40 Coveted Mid-Length Hairstyles for Fall

Johnny Ramirez

Emily Gold 09-10-2016 PM ET / 0 Shares

Chic black hair color.

Chic black hair color by William Roscoe

(William Roscoe)

Side-swept hairstyle.

Side swept hairstyle by Keary Bladel

(Keary Bladel)

Sleek and straight.

Sleek and straight by Arikawa Satoko

(Arikawa Satoko)

Shoulder-skimming bob.

Shoulder skimming bob by Johnny Ramirez

(Johnny Ramirez)

Wonderful shade of green.

Wonderful shade of green by Nikita Andrianova

(Nikita Andrianova)

Rooty blonde lob.

Rooty blonde lob by Johnny Ramirez

(Johnny Ramirez)

Full and blunt.

Full and blunt by Tegan Seymour

(Tegan Seymour)

Natural texture.

Natural texture by Dominick Serna

(Dominick Serna)

Center parted lob.

Center parted lob by Lustre Lux

(Lustre Lux)

Sleek and blunt.

Sleek and blunt by Anh Co Tran

(Anh Co Tran)