40 Crazy Cool Nail Designs for Fall

O2 Beauty

Emily Gold 09-26-2016 AM ET / 2857 Shares

Try as you may to fight the urge, but these trendy nail designs will have you searching for your nail polish remover ASAP. One of the biggest challenges in life is keeping up with all the new nail designs. Designs come and go with Zara-esque swiftness but to many, nail designs are somewhat of an afterthought. So if you fall into that category, and who doesn’t from time to time, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Today we’ll go over some of the coolest and most in trend nail designs for fall.

Fade nails.

Fade nails by Formula X

(Formula X)

Neutral Leopard nails.

Neutral Leopard nails by Nailed by Asami

(Nailed by Asami)

Autumn colors mix and match.

Autumn colors mix and match by Coco Nail

(Coco Nail)

Marble stone texture.

Marble stone texture by Nailed by Asami

(Nailed by Asami)

Flower patterns.

Flower patterns by Miho Okawara

(Miho Okawara)

Nefertiti Egyptian nails.

Nefertiti egyptian nails by Chelsea King

(Chelsea King)

Chunky glitter on burgundy nails.

Chunky glitter on burgundy nails by O2 Beauty

(O2 Beauty)

Mustard and goldĀ glitter.

Mustard and gold glitter by Hannah K. Smith

(Hannah K. Smith)

Snakeskin moon mani.

Snakeskin moon mani by Alicia Torello

(Alicia Torello)

Peek a boo design.

Peek a boo design by The Illustrated Nail

(The Illustrated Nail)