40 Creative Black and White Nail Designs

So Hot Right Nail

Emily Gold 11-10-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

Black and white nail designs are as timeless as they are beautiful. You can go matte, high-gloss, or even something shimmery. The options are literally endless. Ya, everyone loves color but sometimes you have to mix it up a little. Lately, black and white nails have been trending upwards in popularity for their bold and classy vibes. Here are 40 creative black and white nail designs courtesy of our favorite Instagram artists.

Black and white paint graphics.

Black and white paint graphics by Ami Vega

(Ami Vega)

Sea foam fishnets.

Sea foam fishnets by So Hot Right Nail

(So Hot Right Nail)

X-Ray flowers.

X-Ray flowers by Park eun kyung

(Park eun kyung)

Spikes and lines abstract french nails.

Spikes and lines abstract french nails by Asami


Oreo patterns.

Oreo patterns by Park eun kyung

(Park eun kyung)

Tuxedo inspired black and white.

Tuxedo inspired black and white by Paintbox


Black outlines with half moons.

Black outlines with half moons by SoNailicious


Got cow print nails.

Got cow print nails by Wakana


Negative space nails.

Negative space nails by Hannah K. Smith

(Hannah K. Smith)

Unique dandelion nails.

Unique dandelion nails by Lieve91