40 Curly Blonde Balayage And Ombre Hair Designs

Wagner Faria

Emily Gold 06-09-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

Whether you’re a blonde or brunette, here are some pretty inspiring balayage and ombre hairstyles that you never knew you needed. Enjoy!

These vanilla blonde highlights.

Vanilla blonde highlights by Jean Pierre Sosa

(Jean Pierre Sosa)

These textured balayages.

Texturized balayages by Lena Heak

(Lena Heak)

This beige blonde balayage.

Beige blonde balayage by Juan Diego Escámez

(Juan Diego Escámez)

This ash blonde ombre.

Ash blonde ombre by Gabrielle Roccuzzo

(Gabrielle Roccuzzo)

These golden highlights.

Golden highlights by Mandie Lynn

(Mandie Lynn)

These fresh highlights.

Fresh highlights by Gina Devine

(Gina Devine)

Dark to light.

Dark to light by Wagner Faria

(Wagner Faria)

This golden blonde balayage.

Golden blonde balayage by Sammi Wang

(Sammi Wang)

This summer blonde balayage.

Summer blonde balayage by Xenia van der Woodsen

(Xenia van der Woodsen)

Nude blush.

Nude blush by Gina Devine

(Gina Devine)