40 Curly Blonde Hairstyles For Long Hair

Amber Fillerup Clark

Emily Gold 06-06-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

There’s something undeniably alluring about long blonde curls. The way they capture the light and always manage to become the center of attention often leaves those without in a raging fit of jealousy. But life’s not fair, and of course we have hair dye so even for those without, here are a few examples of what women have done with their long blonde hair.

These blonde balayage curls.

Blonde balayage curls by Jane Hahaeva

(Jane Hahaeva)

These wild curls.

Wild curls by Kelly Strack

(Kelly Strack)

These simple waves.

Simple and quick waves by Amber Fillerup Clark

(Amber Fillerup Clark)

These soft curls.

Soft curls by Besiana Zogu

(Besiana Zogu)

These textured waves.

Textured waves by Cara McLeay

(Cara McLeay)

These honey blonde waves.

Honey blonde waves by Elanna Pecherle

(Elanna Pecherle)

These casual long waves.

Casual long waves by Blohaute


These killer waves.

Killer waves by Gabrielle Roccuzzo

(Gabrielle Roccuzzo)

These natural curls.

Natural curls Jane Hahaeva

(Jane Hahaeva)

These messy waves.

Messy waves by Cara McLeay

(Cara McLeay)