40 Cute and Clever Updos for Short Hair This Summer

Emily Gold 04-12-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

It’s getting hot outside, and unlike those women on TV with their gorgeous hair where every stand manages to stay perfectly in place while blowing effortless in the cool summer breeze, sweaty sticky face hair is probably your look more often than not during those hot summer months. So what better way to stay cool and in style this summer than with an adorable updo?

Here, 41 cute and clever updo hairstyles that you probably haven’t seen before.

Blunt bob with half top knot.

Blunt bob with half top knot by Isabelle


Side boxer braids.

Side boxer braids by Elena Gatzios

(Elena Gatzios)

Thick side braided updo.

Thick side braided updo by Alanna Durkovich

(Alanna Durkovich)

Twisted half updo.

Twisted half updo by Katelynd McDonald

(Katelynd McDonald)

Voluminous braid half-up.

Voluminous braid half-up by Elena Gatzios

(Elena Gatzios)

Side braid roostertail.

Side braid roostertail by Nikki Lee

(Nikki Lee)

Half-up top knot.

Half-up top knot by Elanna McGowan

(Elanna McGowan)

Two-toned half-up.

Two-toned half-up by Rachel Stefanik

(Rachel Stefanik)

Half-head braid.

Half-head braid by Amanda Cypert

(Amanda Cypert)

Stacked dutch fishtail braid.

Stacked dutch fishtail braid by Renèe Marie

(Renèe Marie)