40 Dirty Blonde Highlights for Every Skin Tone

Emily Gold 06-17-2018 AM ET / 0 Shares

Vanilla blonde.

Vanilla blonde by Chrissy Rasmussen

(Chrissy Rasmussen)

Bleach blonde ombre.

Bleach blonde ombre by Maggiemh


Natural ash blonde balayage.

Natural ash blonde balayage by Gigi Pogosyan

(Gigi Pogosyan)

Chocolate brown highlights.

 Chocolate brown highlights by Romeu Felipe

(Romeu Felipe)

Ash blonde highlights.

Ash blonde highlights by Marissa Mae Neel

(Marissa Mae Neel)

Champagne blonde accents.

Champagne blonde accents by Romeu Felipe

(Romeu Felipe)

Icy blonde ombre.

Icy blonde ombre by Stephen Garrison

(Stephen Garrison)

Hidden highlights.

Hidden highlights by Chris Greene

(Chris Greene)

Gradient from ash blonde to platinum.

Gradient from ash blonde to platinum by Chris Weber Mirlach

(Chris Weber Mirlach)

Butter blonde highlights.

Butter blonde highlights by Riawna Capri

(Riawna Capri)