40 Easy Updo Styles for Short Hair


Emily Gold 09-23-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

Anyone who’s tried to wrestle short hair into a passable updo knows just how frustrating it can be. “Borderline impossible” is probably a better phrase to use when talking about the unfeasible but as you’ll see from the photos below, it is doable with a little patience and the right know how. Updos can be equally stunning in both casual and formal settings and when you factor in the functionality, nothing quite beats a well-executed updo. That’s where easy updos come into play. We’ll take a look at 40, quick and easy updo styles for short hair that will have you scrolling your brains out. Enjoy!

Tousled bun.

Tousled bun by Jayma


Half-up with retro headpiece.

Half-up with retro headpiece by Kristin Ess

(Kristin Ess)

Top knot with wispy bangs.

Top knot with wispy bangs by Acacia Brinley

(Acacia Brinley)

Side twisted updo.

Side twisted updo by Reingeschluepft


Casual high bun.

Casual high bun by Nose Koji

(Nose Koji)

Formal updo.

Formal updo by Kimura Ippei

(Kimura Ippei)

Half-up with triangle hair clip.

Half-up with triangle hair clip by Kuwabara Taiki

(Kuwabara Taiki)

Messy low bun.

Messy low bun by Jeanne Grey

(Jeanne Grey)

Twisted crown braid.

Twisted crown braid by Nose Koji

(Nose Koji)

Ribbon updo.

Ribbon updo by Yuuki