40 Easy Updo Styles for Short Hair


Emily Gold 09-23-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

Braided pixie.

Braided pixie by AnDream


Half updo with double braids.

Half updo with double braids by Miyu Wada

(Miyu Wada)

Sleek half-up.

Sleek half-up by Anna Russett

(Anna Russett)

Wrap around bun.

Wrap around bun by Reingeschluepft


Tuck & wrap bun.

Tuck & wrap bun by Moeco Tanaka

(Moeco Tanaka)

Wispy half-up top knot.

Wispy half-up top knot by Anna Russett

(Anna Russett)

Plaid bun with scarf.

Plaid bun with scarf by Tatsuya Yoshida

(Tatsuya Yoshida)

Center parted updo.

Center parted updo by Acacia Brinley

(Acacia Brinley)

Fishtail pigtails.

Fishtail pigtails by Kaori Hama

(Kaori Hama)

Messy half-up.

Messy half-up by Leah Fitts

(Leah Fitts)