40 Fringe Hairstyles That Looks Good on Everyone

Emily Gold 04-25-2018 AM ET / 0 Shares

Sweeping bangs.

Sweeping bangs by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Pink bob with bangs.

Pink bob with bangs by Ben Ko

(Ben Ko)

Subtle bangs and caramel tones.

Subtle bangs and caramel tones by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Effortless vibe.

Effortless vibe by Tim Morrison

(Tim Morrison)

Baby bangs.

Baby bangs by Keary Bladel

(Keary Bladel)

Light texture.

Light texture by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Shattered baby bangs.

Shattered baby bangs by Linh Phan

(Linh Phan)

60’s fringe.

60's fringe by Suzanna


Vintage bob.

Vintage bob by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Simple bangs.

Simple bangs by Keary Bladel

(Keary Bladel)