40 Short Hairstyles for Older Women That Will Forever Be In Style

Emily Gold 10-20-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

Just because you’re gracefully transiting into your later years, doesn’t mean your hair has to suffer. In fact, as you gain “life experience,” a whole new world of hairstyles opens up to you. Sometimes all you want is an age appropriate hairdo. But why settle for appropriate when you can have amazing? Below you’ll find 40 hairstyles that are perfect for older women.

Blunt bob.

Blunt bob by Bree


Sweeping bangs.

Sweeping bangs by Shep Wolsey

(Shep Wolsey)

Face framing waves.

Face framing waves by Johnny Ramirez

(Johnny Ramirez)

Side-swept bangs.

Side-swept bangs by Scissor and Comb Salon

(Scissor and Comb Salon)

Inverted bob.

Inverted bob by Kat Gilbert

(Kat Gilbert)

Shaggy layers with blunt bangs.

Shaggy layers with blunt bangs by Bree


Violet A-line bob.

Violet A-line bob by Leah Fitts

(Leah Fitts)

Shaggy chic.

Shaggy chic by Max Pereira

(Max Pereira)

Side-swept look.

Side-swept look by Hair Do Salon

(Hair Do Salon)

Short pixie.

Short pixie by Emily Anderson

(Emily Anderson)

Rumpled waves.

Rumpled waves by Kat Kruse

(Kat Kruse)

Textured bob.

Textured bob by Leah Fitts

(Leah Fitts)

Hint of lavender.

Hint of lavender by Steven Robertson

(Steven Robertson)

Long pixie.

Long pixie by Lola Salon

(Lola Salon)

Soft bob.

Soft bob by Johnny Ramirez

(Johnny Ramirez)

Delicate pixie cut.

Delicate pixie cut by Emily Anderson

(Emily Anderson)

Soft A-line.

Soft A-line by Leah Fitts

(Leah Fitts)

Two-toned pixie.

Two-toned pixie by Katie Sanchez

(Katie Sanchez)

Loose curls.

Loose curls by Carolynn Judd

(Carolynn Judd)

Light blonde highlights.

Light blonde highlights by Scissor and Comb Salon

(Scissor and Comb Salon)

Asymmetrical bob.

Asymmetrical bob by Edwin


Choppy layers.

Choppy layers by Emily Anderson

(Emily Anderson)

Purple bob.

Purple bob by Alexis Thurston

(Alexis Thurston)

Blunt cut.

Blunt cut by Steven Robertson

(Steven Robertson)

Soft waves.

Soft waves by Scissor and Comb Salon

(Scissor and Comb Salon)

Raspberry beach pixie.

Raspberry beach pixie by Jamie Gomez

(Jamie Gomez)

Effortless texture.

Effortless texture by Rebecca Dumoulin

(Rebecca Dumoulin)

Pinky violet.

Pinky violet by Alexis Thurston

(Alexis Thurston)

Sleek bob.

Sleek bob by Bree


Blue and purple bangs.

Blue and purple bangs by Scissor and Comb Salon

(Scissor and Comb Salon)

Smooth & soft.

Smooth & soft by Jamie Gomez

(Jamie Gomez)

Longer side bangs.

Longer side bangs by Salon Patine

(Salon Patine)

Wavy bob.

Wavy bob by Presley Poe

(Presley Poe)

Soft blunt.

Soft blunt by Bree


Retro inspired style.

Retro inspired style by Raven Camacho

(Raven Camacho)

Side-parted bob.

Side-parted bob by Elisa Montoya Pocan

(Elisa Montoya Pocan)

Layered pixie.

Layered pixie by Emily Anderson

(Emily Anderson)

Choppy bob.

Choppy bob by Dani Emerson

(Dani Emerson)

Light layers.

Light layers by Leah Fitts

(Leah Fitts)

Stacked bob.

Stacked bob by Presley Poe

(Presley Poe)