40 Smashing Undercut Hair Tattoos You Don’t Have But Should

Emily Gold 05-01-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

Gradient lines.

Gradient lines by Doug Theo

(Doug Theo)


Batman by Sarah Bailey

(Sarah Bailey)

Mermaid undercut.

Mermaid undercut by Matt Potter

(Matt Potter)

Shaved undercut.

Shaved undercut by Johnny Spanakos

(Johnny Spanakos)

Butterfly effect.

Butterfly effect by Miguel Rosas

(Miguel Rosas)

Heartbeat flow.

Heartbeat flow by Joel Delgado

(Joel Delgado)

Aztec lines.

Aztec lines by Joel Delgado

(Joel Delgado)

Side shaved hearts.

Side shaved hearts by Da Spot Barbershop

(Da Spot Barbershop)

Cute panda.

Cute panda by Aliya Askarova

(Aliya Askarova)

Smooth lines.

Smooth lines by Johnny Spanakos

(Johnny Spanakos)

Gradient underlines.

Gradient underlines by Johnny Spanakos

(Johnny Spanakos)

Pigtail with undercut.

Pigtail with undercut by Caitlin Tyczka

(Caitlin Tyczka)