40 Super Cute Braided Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

40 Super Cute Braided Hairstyles for Teenage Girls | STYLESKINNER

Emily Gold 01-02-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

If you’re a teen, then spending countless hours braiding every strand of hair you can get your hands on is almost a rite of passage for any girl looking to make the transition to womanhood. It use to be that the only braids you knew were the ones that your mom taught you. But things aren’t as black and white as they use to be and times have changed. In modern culture, the braid game is constantly being elevated to new levels as we progress further into the 21st century. Instagram, Pinterest, and countless hairstyle blogs are promoting braidology at a pace that can be overwhelming at times. Fishtail, dutch, french, waterfall, milkmaid, four-strand, two-strand, the list is seemingly endless with new styles and techniques being invented on what seems like a daily basis.

Best braids for teenage girls.

Three-strand braid.  Sometimes referred to as the regular braid, the three-strand braid is the most common braid, and usually the first you learn as a young girl. It’s a must-known braid and a building block for countless other braids.

The fishtail braid. Popular for its unique appearance, the fishtail braid has made an impressive comeback in recent years. Created by separating your hair into two sections and bringing a piece from underneath one section and passing it over the other, the fishtail offers an intricate and polished finish that gives it a truly unique and adorable look.

The french braid. Another versatile braid that’s often learned early in your childhood years, the french braid is essentially a three-strand braid that picks up a small section of hair with each pass over the center section.

After mastering a few of the basic anchor braids, you’ll be able to complete many of the more complicated braids you see on Pinterest and Instagram with a few tweaks and a little patience.

Fluffy mermaid braid.

A few years ago, big messy braids were all the rage, showing up on runways and print ads as far as the eye could see. What begins as a standard three-strand braid, ends up as a lovely organized mess with endless character and stunning effect. This complex look is actually quite easy to create. After the initial three strand braid is completed, sections of hair from each side of the head are then woven in and out of the braid all the way down in a vaguely similar fashion to that of the french braid.

Fluffy mermaid braid by Angela Cattaneo

(Angela Cattaneo)

Reverse braided double buns.

No doubt one of the cutest combo braids in existence, these upside down buns have many names but we like to refer to them as “space buns.” For the best results, make sure the buns are placed at the beginning of the downward slope of the back of the skull, avoiding the very top.

Reverse braided double buns by Joshi


Zig zag braid.

Zig zag braids are a fun and cute braid that all teens should try at least once. If you’ve struggled with this braid before than you’re not alone. The zig zag braid is similar to the corn row, but a little more difficult to execute.

Zig zag braid by Becky Porter

(Becky Porter)

Conjoined dutch braids.

This adorable hairstyle is a perfect solution for a long day at the beach when you need to tame your long luscious locks while still looking as cute as possible. Tip: Using multiple strands with varying widths gives the braid added dimension and the appearance of texture.

Conjoined dutch braids by Jacque Morrison

(Jacque Morrison)

Side-wrapped fishtail.

Transition braids have an easy, bohemian appeal, especially when dutch and fishtail braids are in the mix. This braid was fanned out towards the bottom to create a really cute and relaxed appearance. Braids like these are perfect for casual and intimate wedding settings.

Side-wrapped fishtail by Sarah Whittaker

(Sarah Whittaker)

Cascading fishtail braid.

As one of the cutest braids we’ve come across in a while, this dutch fishtail is about as aesthetically pleasing as it gets. Everything from the tapering width to the subtle curve just oozes awesomeness.

Cascading fishtail braid by Angela Cattaneo

(Angela Cattaneo)

Floral bubble fishtail.

If a basic braid just isn’t enough for you, a decorative braid will definitely satisfy your artistic urges. For a special occasion, this double bubbled fishtail braid complete with rose isn’t something easily outdone. Nor is it easily pulled off. You’ll need an experienced set of hands and/or a truly creative stylist to execute this braid properly. But it sure is beautiful to look at!

Floral bubble fishtail braid by Nina Starck

(Nina Starck)

Creative wrap.

In order to create something beautiful, sometimes you have to think outside the box. While one can only guess what is going on inside this bundle of beauty, with a little time and a lot of wrapping and tucking, you might just be able to pull this off. And then make a tutorial of course.

Creative upstyle wrap by Jacque Morrison

(Jacque Morrison)

Messy mermaid braid.

Last year mermaid braids dominated the prom scene. And teens have been flocking to this braid for good reason. With its elegant tousled look, the mermaid braid is perfect for formal occasions and looks great with any loose-fitting dress.

Messy fishtail by Mila Kim

(Mila Kim)

Dutch braids.

A perfect hairstyle for summer that gives you the best of both worlds while keeping your hair out of your face. These dutch braids feature a cute wrapped transition well suited for both thick and thin hair.

Adorable dutch braids by Jessica Marie

(Jessica Marie)