40 Trendy Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas

40 Trendy Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas

Emily Gold 08-09-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

Looking for that perfect summertime cut or color? Then you came to the right place. Rose gold locks are one of the trendiest and most beautiful tones we’re seeing this year. From subtle pinkish gold hues to dynamic and vivid gradients, rose gold coloring is in absolute must for anyone looking for something a little more unique and interesting. These particular styles might take you out of your comfort zone but they’re definitely worth it.

Smokey rose gold.

Smokey rose gold by Sharon Hinkle

(Sharon Hinkle)

Rose gold grey.

Rose gold grey color by Matt Waldron

(Matt Waldron)

Rose gold waves.

rose gold waves by Kelly Massias

(Kelly Massias)

Rose gold bob.

rose gold bob by Shurie Jenai

(Shurie Jenai)

Rose gold blonde.

Rose gold blonde by Steven Robertson

(Steven Robertson)

Bohemian style.

Bohemian style by Roxy Lopez

(Roxy Lopez)

Mermaid waves.

Mermaid waves by Guy Tang

(Guy Tang)

Dusty rose.

Dusty rose by Miju Van

(Miju Van)

Metallic rose gold.

Metallic rose gold by ltnda


Rooty rose gold.

Rooty rose gold by Guy Tang

(Guy Tang)

V-cut rose gold ombre.

V-cut rose gold ombre by Christina Kreitel

(Christina Kreitel)

Rose gold balayage.

Rose gold balayage by Lizbeth


Rose gold highlights.

Rose gold highlights by Kelly Massias

(Kelly Massias)

Layered rose gold hairstyle.

Layered rose gold hairstyle by Studio417


Antique rose ombre.

Antique rose ombre by Angela Orozco

(Angela Orozco)

Pink rose highlights.

Pink rose highlights by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

(Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)

Dimensional rose gold.

Dimensional rose gold by Guy Tang

(Guy Tang)

Rose gold red highlights.

Rose gold red highlights by Jamie


Soft and straight.

Fresh rose gold by Studio417 Salon


Pink rose gold.

Pink rose gold by Sunny Su

(Sunny Su)

Silvery rose gold.

Silvery rose gold by Annalee Muggeridge

(Annalee Muggeridge)

Peachy tone rose gold.

Peachy tone rose gold by Jordan Oakley

(Jordan Oakley)

Illumina rose gold blonde.

 Illumina rose gold blonde by Janai Hartt

(Janai Hartt)

Elegant rose gold waves.

Elegant rose gold waves by Shelley Gregory

(Shelley Gregory)

Blonde to rose gold.

Rose gold blonde by Shannon Rothmann

(Shannon Rothmann)

Coral rose gold melt.

Coral rose gold by Guy Tang

(Guy Tang)

Messy waves.

Messy waves by Julie


Pink rose gold waves.

Pink rose gold by Shelley Gregory

(Shelley Gregory)

Apricot rose gold.

Apricot rose gold by Cassandra McGlaughlin

(Cassandra McGlaughlin)

Rosy brunette.

Rosy brunette by Christina Kreitel

(Christina Kreitel)

Rose gold choppy lob.

Rose gold choppy haircut by Jason Hogan

(Jason Hogan)

Rose gold blonde hairstyle with blunt ends.

Rose gold blonde hair by Erica Johansen

(Erica Johansen)

Rustic rose gold.

Rustic rose gold by Sharon Chang

(Sharon Chang)

Soft rose gold waves.

Soft rose gold waves by Mikayla Zustovich

(Mikayla Zustovich)

Antique rose gold ombre.

Antique rose gold ombre by Louise Power

(Louise Power)

Pink rose blonde.

Pink rose blonde by Nicole Ruiz

(Nicole Ruiz)

Magenta rose gold.

Magenta rose gold by Nicole Ruiz

(Nicole Ruiz)

Subtle rose gold.

Subtle rose gold by Janai Hartt

(Janai Hartt)

Dark rose gold ombre.

Dark rose gold ombre by Nicole Ruiz

(Nicole Ruiz)

Dark to bright rose gold.

Dark to bright rose gold by Erica Johansen

(Erica Johansen)