41 Low Maintenance Lob Hairstyles You Can Totally Pull Off

41 Low Maintenance Lob Hairstyles You Can Totally Pull Off

Emily Gold 04-17-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

A beautiful hairstyle without all the work? Count us in. The truth is, most of us save all these stunning hairstyles from Pinterest and Instagram without taking into consideration the amount of discipline and work some of these hairstyles take to maintain—which can be down right impractical at times.

For those of you on the go, or who’s personal hairstylists have taken a temporary hiatus, we’ve rounded up 41 stunning lob hairstyles that any woman can easily maintain.

Soft layers.

Soft layers by Riawna Capri

(Riawna Capri)

Side-swept look.

Side-swept look by Brittany Sullivan

(Brittany Sullivan)

Babylights and texture.

Babylights and texture by Caitlin Ashjian

(Caitlin Ashjian)

Wild waves.

Wild waves by Rafael Bertolucci

(Rafael Bertolucci)

Rumpled lob.

Riawna Capri by Riawna Capri

(Riawna Capri)

Metallic silver.

Metallic silver by Torie Bliss

(Torie Bliss)

Effortless vibe.

Effortless vibe by Liz Sustaita

(Liz Sustaita)

Opal gemstone.

Opal gemstone by Jamie Gomez

(Jamie Gomez)

Shaggy volume.

Shaggy volume by David Van

(David Van)

Shag cut.

Shag cut by Cherin Choi

(Cherin Choi)

Dimensional highlights.

Dimensional highlights by Bruno Ximendes

(Bruno Ximendes)

Face framing layers.

Face framing layers by Caitlin Ashjian

(Caitlin Ashjian)

Textured rose gold.

Textured rose gold by Laci Nicole

(Laci Nicole)

Texture cut with A-line.

Texture cut with A-line by Rafael Bertolucci

(Rafael Bertolucci)

Face-framing highlights.

Face-framing highlights by Caitlin Ashjian

(Caitlin Ashjian)

Metallic magenta lob.

Metallic magenta lob by Alanna Durkovich

(Alanna Durkovich)

Mid-length and texture.

Mid-length and texture by Brittany Sullivan

(Brittany Sullivan)

Shaggy with volume.

Shaggy with volume by Romeu Felipe

(Romeu Felipe)

Subtle fringe.

Subtle fringe by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Loose feathered flip.

Loose feathered flip by Michelle Madsen

(Michelle Madsen)

Pastel pink.

Pastel pink by Anh Co Tran

(Anh Co Tran)

Flowing layers.

Flowing layers by Rafael Bertolucci

(Rafael Bertolucci)

Voluminous lob.

Voluminous lob by CeeJay


Simple and quick waves.

Simple and quick waves by Stephen Garrison

(Stephen Garrison)

Sleek angled lob.

Sleek angled lob by Rafael Bertolucci

(Rafael Bertolucci)

Beach texture.

Beach texture by Ash Penfold

(Ash Penfold)

Ashy ombre with a messy chop.

Ashy ombre with a messy chop by Circles of Hair

(Circles of Hair)

Voluminous bedhead.

Voluminous bedhead by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Asymmetrical lob.

Asymmetrical lob by Chris Weber

(Chris Weber)

Smooth transitions.

Smooth transitions by Daniela Hernandez

(Daniela Hernandez)

Layered and highlights.

Layered and highlights by Caitlin Ashjian

(Caitlin Ashjian)

Beige blonde.

Beige blonde by HMB


Blunt ends.

Blunt ends by Emily Mander

(Emily Mander)

Light and airy layers.

Light and airy layers by Brenda Kamt

(Brenda Kamt)

Textured lob.

Textured lob by Romeu Felipe

(Romeu Felipe)

Layered choppy lob.

Layered choppy lob by Melissa Trujillo

(Melissa Trujillo)

Inverted lob.

Inverted lob by Rafael Bertolucci

(Rafael Bertolucci)

Deep side-parted lob.

Deep side-parted lob by Cherin Choi

(Cherin Choi)

Champagne blonde.

Champagne blonde by Matt Rez

(Matt Rez)

Purple highlights.

Purple highlights by Cut NJ

(Cut NJ)