41 Times Holographic Hair Made Us Stop and Stare

Emily Gold 06-22-2017 AM ET / 175 Shares

Remember those shiny pieces of plastic that sparkled and shimmered in the light before revealing what would come to be known as the first 3D images? Oh ya, way old school. Now about the only place you’ll find a hologram is on the back of your Visa card and who knows how long those will be around for.

When it comes to hair color, we call it like we see it. And there’s no cooler trend in hair color right now than holographic hair. Below we’ll take a look at some gorgeous examples of holographic hair executed by a few very talented hairstylists.

Silver pearl.

Silver pearl by Guy Tang

(Guy Tang)


Multi-color by Bangbang Balayage

(Bangbang Balayage)

Dimensional blue.

Dimensional blue by Larisa Doll

(Larisa Doll)

Silver waves.

Silver waves by Neal Malek

(Neal Malek)

Metallic rainbow.

Metallic rainbow by Melanie


Oil slick hologram.

Oil slick hologram by Amy



Opalecent by Kylie Butler

(Kylie Butler)

Metallic blue.

Metallic blue by Aliya Askarova

(Aliya Askarova)

Soft smokey tones.

Soft smokey tones by Kylie Butler

(Kylie Butler)

Rose gold and dusty lavender.

Rose gold and dusty lavender by Guy Tang

(Guy Tang)


Prism by Amy


Gradient mint.

Gradient mint by Doug Theo

(Doug Theo)


Moonstone by Hair Wizard

(Hair Wizard)

Pastel mermaid.

Pastel mermaid by Guy Tang

(Guy Tang)

Purple and blue.

Purple and blue by Neal Malek

(Neal Malek)

White pearl.

White pearl by Ashley Lewis

(Ashley Lewis)

Vibrant pastel.

Vibrant pastel by Caroline Guiney

(Caroline Guiney)

Melting lavender.

Melting lavender by Isaac Roberts

(Isaac Roberts)

Steel mint.

Steel mint by Guy Tang

(Guy Tang)

Metallic mixture.

Metallic mixture by Jay Wesley Olson

(Jay Wesley Olson)

Rainbow oil slick.

Rainbow oil slick by Caitlin Ford

(Caitlin Ford)

Silver smoke.

Silver smoke by Guy Tang

(Guy Tang)

Purple to silver ombre.

Purple to silver ombre by Neal Malek

(Neal Malek)

Pastel glow.

Pastel glow by Taylor Rae

(Taylor Rae)

Amber gold.

Amber gold by Amy


Pastel lavender root.

Pastel lavender root by Mary H Ott

(Mary H Ott)

Opal blue.

Opal blue by Sami's Hair Magic

(Sami’s Hair Magic)

Touch of lavender.

Touch of lavender by Amy


Mixed pink tones.

Mixed pink tones by Melissa Grace Smith

(Melissa Grace Smith)

Layered color.

Blue and green stripes by Caitlin Ford

(Caitlin Ford)

Deep purple to silver.

Deep purple to silver by Miju Van Salon

(Miju Van Salon)

Shadow root and silver ends.

Shadow root and silver ends by Kimemily Pham

(Kimemily Pham)

Iridescent pink.

Iridescent pink by Neal Malek

(Neal Malek)

Cotton candy swirl.

Cotton candy swirl by Neal Malek

(Neal Malek)

Metallic pale blue.

Metallic pale blue by Asilsmsk


Sleek pastel.

Sleek pastel by Aliya Askarova

(Aliya Askarova)

Rainbow hologram.

Rainbow hologram by Glamiris


Holographic unicorn.

Holographic unicorn by Caroline Guiney

(Caroline Guiney)


Hologramby Ana Grisi

(Ana Grisi)

Smokey grey.

Smokey grey by Amy


Dusty lavender tones.

Dusty lavender tones by Ashley