41 Ways to Super Slay Festival Season – A Nail Art Guide

Emily Gold 03-26-2018 AM ET / 0 Shares

You don’t have to be a festival bunny to get inspired by festival nail art. These festive manicures are perfect for just doing life around the pool when the sun is shining. And if you’re like the majority of us, the closest you’re ever going get to Coachella is a copy of US Weekly. So whether you hit the festival scene hard or not, you’ll most certainly fall in love with these perfect festival manicures. From bohemian chic to smooth gradients with disco hologram accents, these 41 nail designs are sure to impress.

Boho vibe.

Boho vibe by Monica Hues

(Monica Hues)

Pink bohemian.

Pink bohemian by Miyuki


Pressed flower decals.

Pressed flower decals by Avia Marcia

(Avia Marcia)

Pastel deep french.

Pastel deep french by Vakula


A touch of aurora.

A touch of aurora by Think of Nail

(Think of Nail)

Diamond accent.

Diamond accent by Avia Marcia

(Avia Marcia)

Rainbow strip.

Rainbow single strip by Chelsea King

(Chelsea King)

Mermaid feels.

Mermaid feels by So Hot Right Nail

(So Hot Right Nail)

White flowers.

White flowers by Hang Nguyen

(Hang Nguyen)

Baby blue floral pattern.

Baby blue floral pattern by Nina Park

(Nina Park)

We like it.

We like it by Jessica Washick

(Jessica Washick)

Palm tree.

Palm tree by Vakula


Crystal clusters.

Crystal clusters by Unistella


Matte vs shiny.

Matte vs shiny by So Hot Right Nail

(So Hot Right Nail)

Rainbow bubble.

Rainbow bubble by Hyunjeong Kim

(Hyunjeong Kim)

Rose gold signage.

Rose gold signage by So Hot Right Nail

(So Hot Right Nail)

3D pearl.

3D pearl by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)

Gradient cheetah.

Gradient cheetah by WAH Nails

(WAH Nails)

3D gold studs.

3D gold studs by Nina Park

(Nina Park)

Dried flowers.

Dried flowers by Hyunjeong Kim

(Hyunjeong Kim)

Twinkle stars.

Twinkle stars by Unistella


Mint green.

Mint green by Avia Marcia

(Avia Marcia)

Multicolor polka dots.

Multicolor polka dots by So Hot Right Nail

(So Hot Right Nail)

Shapes and stones.

Shapes and stones by So Hot Right Nail

(So Hot Right Nail)

Mauve marble with holographic glitter.

Mauve marble with holographic glitter by Tamara Di Lullo

(Tamara Di Lullo)

Vivid colors and graphic angles.

Vivid colors and graphic angles by Paintbox


Reverse french.

Reverse french by Hang Nguyen

(Hang Nguyen)

Galaxy nails.

Galaxy nails by Unistella


Vivid green leopard.

Vivid green leopard by So Hot Right Nail

(So Hot Right Nail)

Gold necklace nails.

Gold necklace nails by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)

Blush ombre eyes.

Blush ombre eyes by So Hot Right Nail

(So Hot Right Nail)

Fruit jewelry nails.

Fruit jewelry nails by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)

Crystal outline.

Crystal outline by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)

Pastel blue and pink.

Pastel blue and pink by MoYou-London


Negative space nails.

Negative space nails by Vakula


Rainbow dippin’ dots.

Rainbow dippin' dots by So Hot Right Nail

(Park Eunkyung)

Rainbow flames.

Rainbow flames by WAH Nails

(WAH Nails)

Cuticle jewelry nails.

Cuticle jewelry nails by Unistella


Ombre chevrons.

Ombre chevrons by Chelsea King

(Chelsea King)

Henna nails.

Henna nails by Lili Venice Nguyen

(Lili Venice Nguyen)

Vibrant shades.

Vibrant shades by Chelsea King

(Chelsea King)