42 Charming Nail Art Designs for a Summer Wedding

42 Charming Nail Art Designs for a Summer Wedding

Emily Gold 04-27-2017 AM ET / 209 Shares

Dress, hair, makeup, is usually the order of importance that things get put into when it comes to weddings. Nails on the other hand are almost always overlooked until the very end, which is a huge mistake because our nails can play a huge role in how you feel on your big day. As we enter wedding season, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of the nail prep portion of your wedding plans by rounding up some of the most amazing nail art ideas for your wedding ceremony.

Crystal half moons.

Crystal half moons by Classy Claws

(Classy Claws)

Silver glitter tips.

Silver glitter tips by Maximum Nail

(Maximum Nail)

Gradient nails with Swarovsky pattern.

Gradient nails with Swarovsky pattern by Pop Coat

(Pop Coat)

Cut-out nails.

Cut-out nails by Matte Queen

(Matte Queen)

Sparkly glam nails.

Sparkly glam nails by Susan


Asymmetric french.

Asymmetric french by Miki


Cuticle nails.

Park eun kyung by Park eun kyung

(Park eun kyung)

Rose beige.

Rose beige by Sarah


White negative space outline nails.

White negative space outline nails by Nina Park

(Nina Park)

Chrome accents.

Chrome accents by Sarah


Creamy color fade.

Creamy color fade by Miho Sato

(Miho Sato)


Nudish by Pop Coat

(Pop Coat)

Dried flowers.

Dried flowers by Agunik Riche

(Agunik Riche)

Acrylic ombre.

Acrylic ombre by Susan


Opal warrior princess.

Opal warrior princess by Mia


3D ribbon.

3D ribbon by ES Nail

(ES Nail)

Lace patterns.

Lace patterns by Miki


Lines and dots.

Lines and dots by Ayano Hori

(Ayano Hori)

Classy cream.

Classy cream by Sarah


Floral lace pattern.

Floral lace pattern by Ami Vega

(Ami Vega)

Sophisticated sparkles.

Sophisticated sparkles by Sunny


Shimmery mint.

Elegant shimmery mint by Miki


Nude blush with white roses.

Nude blush with white roses by Foxy Locks

(Foxy Locks)

Wedding ring nails.

Wedding ring nails by Hyunjeong Kim

(Hyunjeong Kim)

Stiletto nails.

Stiletto nails by Kelly


Nude base with roses.

Nude base with roses by Mari Lumme

(Mari Lumme)

Silver line accents.

Silver line accents by Lili Nguyen

(Lili Nguyen)

Monochrome flowers.

Monochrome flowers by AKIKO Nails

(AKIKO Nails)

Jewelry nails.

Jewelry nails by Hyunjeong Kim

(Hyunjeong Kim)

Pink glitter.

Pink glitter by Miki


French chevron.

French chevron by Matte Queen

(Matte Queen)

Flower french nails.

Flower french nails by Yumi Nail

(Yumi Nail)

Peach and chrome.

Peach and chrome by CustomTnails


Prism inspired.

Prism inspired by Miki


Glitter moons up.

Alicia Torello by Alicia Torello

(Alicia Torello)

Chanel inspired.

Chanel inspired by Nina Park

(Nina Park)

Simple flower nails.

Simple flower nails by Wakana


Marble look.

Marble look by Lili Nguyen

(Lili Nguyen)

Shiny sky blue.

Shiny skyblue by Asami


Negative space hearts.

Negative space hearts by Magdalena Komorowska

(Magdalena Komorowska)

Lacy half moons.

Lacy half moons by Chalkboard Sarah

(Chalkboard Sarah)

Pink shimmering flowers.

Pink shimmering flowers by Wakana


Paisley pattern.

Paisley pattern by Wakana


Gold thin lines.

Gold thin lines by Mika Kambara

(Mika Kambara)

Matte nude nails.

Matte nude nails by Sunny