42 Chic Nail Art Ideas for Minimalists

Emily Gold 09-14-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

For those of you who tend to think less is more, this one’s for you.

A far cry from the over-the-top and heavily decorated nails we see so often on social media, these nail designs mix minimalism with creativity to fashion some truly beautiful examples of nail art.

Rose gold holo cuffs.

Rose gold holo cuffs by So Hot Right Nail

(So Hot Right Nail)


Rainbow by Olive & June

(Olive & June)

Lettering tattoo nails.

Lettering tattoo nails by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)

Dotted accents.

Dotted accents by Gladun Nails

(Gladun Nails)

Cuticle cuff.

Cuticle cuff by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)

Polka dots.

Polka dots by Alicia Torello

(Alicia Torello)

Baby pink accent.

Baby pink accent by Cassandre Marie

(Cassandre Marie)

Cut out nails.

Cut out nails by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)

Curves nails.

Curves nails by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)

French manicure & opaque.

French manicure & opaque by Mari Lumme

(Mari Lumme)


Lettering by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)