42 No-Heat Updos You’ll Be Obsessed With This Summer

Emily Gold 04-26-2018 PM ET / 0 Shares

With all the fun and sun you’ll be getting this summer, who has time for hot tools?

In addition to waving a mini heater around your head in the 90 degree heat, those voluminous curls aren’t that practical when the heat and humidity starts to spike come July.

Having been a bit of a tomboy growing up, I didn’t really have the iron experience some of you gals posses, so when it comes to no-heat hairstyles, I feel right at home.

Behold, 42 drop-dead gorgeous updos that don’t require heat.

Pipe braid.

Pipe braid by Ruslan


Twisted chignon.

Twisted chignon by Jacque Morrison

(Jacque Morrison)

Floral buns.

Floral buns by Shayla


Upside down braided bun.

Upside down braided bun by Nina Starck

(Nina Starck)

Dutch braid half-up.

Dutch braid half-up by Taylor Lamb

(Taylor Lamb)

Headband scarf.

Headband scarf by Emma Chen

(Emma Chen)

Romantic ponytail.

Romantic ponytail by Alexandra Wilson

(Alexandra Wilson)

Messy bun.

Messy bun by Amber Fillerup

(Amber Fillerup)

Knotted braid updo.

Knotted braid updo by Caralee Pridemore

(Caralee Pridemore)

Scarf bun.

Scarf bun by Gabby Morrone

(Gabby Morrone)

Knotted updo.

Knotted updo by Jacque Morrison

(Jacque Morrison)

Aqua mermaid.

Aqua mermaid by Shayla


Half-up french twist.

Half-up french twist by Michael Gray

(Michael Gray)

Effortless knot.

Effortless knot by Emma Chen

(Emma Chen)

Boxer braids into a ponytail.

Boxer braids into a ponytail by Jacque Morrison

(Jacque Morrison)

Dutch infinity braid with texture.

Dutch infinity braid with texture by Alexandra Wilson

(Alexandra Wilson)

Textured chignon.

Textured chignon by Emma Chen

(Emma Chen)

Triple braided buns.

Triple braided buns by Shayla


Braided ponytail.

Braided ponytail by Brianna


Sleek bun.

Sleek bun by Riawna Capri

(Riawna Capri)

Stacked combo.

Stacked combo by Nina Starck

(Nina Starck)

Massive bun.

Massive bun by Sellma Kasumoviq

(Sellma Kasumoviq)

Infinity braid with hair rings.

Infinity braid with hair rings by Antonio Estrada

(Antonio Estrada)

Triple bun updo.

Triple bun updo by Riawna Capri

(Riawna Capri)

Upside down braid with bow bun.

Upside down braid with bow bun by Nina Starck

(Nina Starck)

Mohawk volume.

Mohawk volume by Shayla


Undone texture.

Undone texture by Sara Vanderstelt

(Sara Vanderstelt)

Infinity pull-through braid.

Infinity pull-through braid by Alexandra Wilson

(Alexandra Wilson)

Loose knot.

Loose knot by Megan Schipani

(Megan Schipani)

Wispy updo.

Wispy updo by Owen Gould

(Owen Gould)

Mixed braid updo.

Mixed braid updo by Kitsch


Bubble braid.

Bubble braid by Michael Gray

(Michael Gray)

Stacked ponytail.

Stacked ponytail by Nina Starck

(Nina Starck)

Bubble braids.

Bubble braids by Michael Gray

(Michael Gray)

High bun.

High bun by Natalie Anne

(Natalie Anne)

French fishtail.

French fishtail by Emily Rose Hannon

(Emily Rose Hannon)

Braided waterfall combo.

Braided waterfall combo by Missy Sue

(Missy Sue)

Gold metal cuff accent.

Gold metal cuff accent by Joseph Maine

(Joseph Maine)

Wild curls.

Wild curls by Natalie Anne

(Natalie Anne)

Comb headband.

Comb headband by Harmony Beus

(Harmony Beus)

Messy updo with braid accent.

Messy updo with braid accent by Heather Chapman

(Heather Chapman)