42 Sleek Logo Nail Art Designs Inspired by Your Favorite Brands

Emily Gold 12-02-2018 AM ET / 0 Shares

The whole world is brand crazy right now. But it’s not so much about the brand name itself as it is about the quality that the brand name represents. For those of you looking to have a little fun with your favorite brand names, a custom set of nails may be in order. Are you breaking any laws with your DIY brand name nails? Possibly, maybe, probably not, but it’s not like we’re gonna tattle. You’ve seen them before and now you’re about to see a whole lot more of them again. Below is a complete list dedicated to brand name nail art. You’ll love it. I promise.

Supreme Louis Vuitton.

Supreme NewYork and Louis Vuitton by Celine Cumming

(Celine Cumming)

Negative space half-moons.

Negative space half-moons by Betina R. Goldstein

(Betina R. Goldstein)

Various logo nails.

Brand logo nails by WAH Nails

(WAH Nails)

Gucci tiger and snake.

Gucci tiger and snake by Pop Coat

(Pop Coat)

Nike and Vuitton nails.

Nike and Vuitton nails by Anouska Scarlet Anastasia Ryan

(Anouska Scarlet Anastasia Ryan)

Adidas original half-moons.

Adidas original half-moons by Hang Nguyen

(Hang Nguyen)

Gucci gems.

Gucci gem by Nail Unistella

(Nail Unistella)

LOUIS and MURAKAMI french nails.

LOUIS and MURAKAMI french nails by Anouska Scarlet Anastasia Ryan

(Anouska Scarlet Anastasia Ryan)

Burberry inspired.

Burberry inspired by Imarni Nails

(Imarni Nails)

Black and white Gucci.

Black and white Gucci by Lee


Bubblegum meets baby blue.

Bubblegum meets baby blue by Celine Cumming

(Celine Cumming)