42 Super Cute and Easy Nail Designs


Emily Gold 11-03-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

If you think you’ve seen the cutest nail designs, think again. Over the past few weeks we’ve been on a mission to scour the web for the cutest, and most undeniably adorable nail designs known to women. From abstract mashups to fun themes, these designs will have you reaching for your nail polish in no time. Let’s take a look.

Glitter outlines.

Glitter outlines by Hyunjeong Kim

(Hyunjeong Kim)

Glittery half moons.

Glittery halfmoons by Maximum Nail

(Maximum Nail)

New York style nails.

New York style nails by Chelsea King

(Chelsea King)

M and M nails.

M and M nails by Lumi Nail

(Lumi Nail)

Simpsons nails.

Simpsons nails by Park eun kyung

(Park Eun Kyung)

Mermaid nails.

Mermaid nails by Devon


Colorful Mickey Mouse.

Colorful Mickey Mouse by Salon de Lumiere

(Salon de Lumiere)

Ribbon nails.

Ribbon nails by Chelsea King

(Chelsea King)

Cat paw nails.

Cat paw nails by Crystal Nail

(Crystal Nail)

Lego nails.

Lego nails by Salon de Lumiere

(Salon de Lumiere)

Tokidoki Brand inspired nails.

Tokidoki Brand inspired nails by Chelsea King

(Chelsea King)