42 Wedding Trends for Short Hair This Season

42 Wedding Trends for Short Hair This Season

Emily Gold 06-15-2017 AM ET /
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Soft texture.

Soft texture by Jennie Kay

(Jennie Kay)

Old Hollywood inspired.

Old Hollywood inspired by Elanna McGowan

(Elanna McGowan)

Voluminous wavy updo.

Voluminous wavy updo by Tanimoto Shouta

(Tanimoto Shouta)

Headband braid.

Headband braid by Renee Marie

(Renee Marie)

Messy bob.

Messy bob by Lacy Redway

(Lacy Redway)

Effortless waves.

Effortless waves by The real Twigs & Honey

(The real Twigs & Honey)

Cropped bob.

Cropped bob by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Loose updo.

Loose updo by Anne-Marie Dargas

(Anne-Marie Dargas)

Simple and clean look.

Simple and clean look by Lelet NY

(Lelet NY)

Textured long bob.

Textured long bob by Kasia Fortuna

(Kasia Fortuna)