43 Easy Hairstyles For Vacation & The Beach

Emily Gold 07-04-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

Middle braid pony.

Middle part braid pony by Chrissy Rasmussen

(Chrissy Rasmussen)

Sun-kissed beach texture.

Sun-kissed beach texture by Suzie K

(Suzie K)

Double dutch fishtail braids.

Double dutch fishtail braids by Missy Sue

(Missy Sue)

Boho braid updo.

Boho braid updo by Beauty Coach

(Beauty Coach)

Mixed braids and half-up.

Mixed braids and half-up by Tessa Graham

(Tessa Graham)

Effortlessly undone.

Effortlessly undone by Rock My Wedding

(Rock My Wedding)

Heart braid.

Heart braid by Taylor Lamb

(Taylor Lamb)

Mini braid ponytial.

Mini braid ponytial by Tessa Graham

(Tessa Graham)

Messy low bun.

Messy low bun by Brittany Sullivan

(Brittany Sullivan)

Three lace braids into a ponytail.

Three lace braids into a ponytail by Brianna