43 Elaborate Bridal Hairstyles Your Summer Wedding Needs

43 Elaborate Bridal Hairstyles Your Summer Wedding Needs

Emily Gold 05-21-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

Your big day is all about excess. The day you get married is arguably the most important day of your life, and how your hair looks on this particular day will be scrutinized, shared, and viewed on a regular basis by anyone who happens to stop by your Facebook or Instagram page for, well, ever. So you best skip that simple bun or whatever lame excuse of a hairstyle you were planning on going with to “simplify” things on the most chaotic, yet beautiful day of your life. It’s supposed to be hard. Go big. Go over-the-top big and I promise you won’t regret it.

Below is a gallery of gorgeous hairstyles that will be perfect for your wedding this summer.

Low bun with gold headband.

Low bun with gold headband by Emma Chen

(Emma Chen)

Side floral boxer braid.

Side floral boxer braid by Circles of Hair

(Circles of Hair)

Messy fishtail.

Messy fishtail by Mia & Linda

(Mia & Linda)

Halo braids.

Halo braids and natural flowers by Cristina Loredanas

(Cristina Loredanas)

Mixed half-up braids.

Mixed half-up braids by Mia & Linda

(Mia & Linda)

Braided bun.

Braided bun by Missy Sue

(Missy Sue)

Loose and wide undone braid.

Loose and wide undone braid by Elvira Jonsson

(Elvira Jonsson)

Bouffant bun.

Bouffant bun by Elstilespb


Luminous braid look.

Luminous braid look by Mila Evdokimova

(Mila Evdokimova)

Beach vibe updo.

Beach vibe updo by Emma Chen

(Emma Chen)

Half-up crown braid.

Half-up crown braid by Chiali Meng

(Chiali Meng)