43 Picture-Perfect Textured Bob Hairstyles

43 Picture-Perfect Textured Bob Hairstyles

Emily Gold 01-03-2017 PM ET / 0 Shares

For some women, textured bobs are a way of life.

There are few things in this world that can come close to rivaling the liberating and rejuvenating effects one feels when chopping off several years worth of hair to reveal a stylish textured bob. It’s almost worth growing your hair out just so you can go short again. Friends and family are always astonished at your new short ‘do, and besides the flurry of positive comments, styling your hair gets drastically easier. If you’re like most women who are constantly on the go, there’s just not enough time to add texture to your hair every morning. That’s why getting as much texture during the cut is mandatory. Today we’ll take a look a variety of different ways to texture short bobs.

Textured bobs vs textured lobs.

All bobs eventually become lobs, generally speaking. It’s just how nature works. That’s why starting out with a short and textured bob is usually a better idea than going straight into a lob. No matter what type of bob you end up going with, you’ll find yourself rocking the same type of lob in practically no time. Certain types of bobs maintain their structure as they grow out better than others. For instance, a blunt bob usually won’t keep it’s edge, but an asymmetrical bob will transition flawlessly into a lob, keeping its characteristics mostly intact. So if you’re the type of gal that visits your hair stylist about as often as you see your dentist, you may want to plan accordingly.

Stylish golden blonde bob.

If you’re looking for something a little different, and don’t mind those morning styling sessions, than this textured bob with blonde balayage might just be right for you. Even though it takes a little longer than usual to style this bob, the results make it well worth the effort.

Stylish golden blonde bob by Tess Salgado

(Tess Salgado)

Messy textured curls.

Wavy bobs look effortless and crazy fun. These messy waves look as if you’ve been bouncing around the beach all day without a care in the world instead of cooped up inside an office. A great option for upbeat life-of-the-party types that energize every room they enter.

Messy textured curls by Maxi Harper

(Maxi Harper)

Subtle dimension.

Beautiful melted color via gorgeous balayage coloring. This soft blended bob is highlighted by subtle blonde highlights that break up the overall length. Melted blonde balayage is the perfect way to add dimension without the addition of bold color. This haircut is perfect for anyone looking for that lived-in look.

Wavy balayage bob by Coryn Neylon

(Coryn Neylon)

Disconnected angled bob.

Go chic with this modern looking angled bob. This bob is super sexy while still looking relaxed at the same time. Consider pairing this cut with a black top to make the blonde highlights really pop. With short hairstyles, it can be tough to find a glamorous ‘do without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Disconnected angled bob by Donovan Mills

(Donovan Mills)

Razored angled bob.

Brown bobs often don’t get the attention they deserve. If you’re looking for something darker while still wanting that soft dimension and texture, this brown bob with baby lights might just be what you’ve been looking for. Perfect for women with short or rounded faces.

Razored angled bob by Coryn Neylon

(Coryn Neylon)

Textured balayage with shadow roots.

This is one of the more lavish bobs for those looking to go blonde for maximum effect. It’s definitely a haircut for confident women who aren’t afraid to make a statement. Start out blunt, add a little chop, and style it with some subtle waves.

Textured balayage with shadow roots by Devin Blake

(Devin Blake)

Textured choppy bob.

If you’re determined to find a super dynamic look that stays true to your dark roots, this is the way to go. For long faces and sharp profiles, a choppy bob with contrasting highlights is the perfect complement. Comb it over to add extra edge and volume.

Textured choppy bob by Donovan Mills

(Donovan Mills)

Subtle purple waves.

In case you can’t live without a little real color, you can add a hint of purple without having to settle for the typical blonde highlight. This haircut features a blunt line with layers and texture galore. The soft pastel purple color gives the hair added texture without being too overpowering.

Subtle purple waves by Cherin Choi

(Cherin Choi)

Blunt blonde bob.

Simple and straight never goes out of style. In fact, while choppy bobs have been getting all the attention as of late, straight bobs are just as popular, especially when they posses a little texture in addition to subdued color variances that add to the appearance of texture.

Blunt blonde bob by Beth


Smokey violet textured bob.

Here we have another bob that showcases low-key color blended perfectly into the mix. This short layered bob is perfect for those constantly-on-the-go types that need an ultra low maintenance hairstyle they can just wash and forget. This bob features a gentle angle, subtle texture, and a delightful face-framing appeal.

Smokey violet textured bob by Becky Cole

(Becky Cole)