43 Sweet and Cute Valentine’s Day Nails

43 Sweet and Cute Valentine's Day Nails

Emily Gold 01-18-2018 AM ET / 0 Shares

Red rose, candle lights, romantic dinner, chocolate…yes, it’s Valentine’s Day! Your pretty dress and cute nail art will make this romantic day extra sweet. Last year was all about pink tones and heart patterns but this year we will focus on unique designs that express your love and feelings. That being said, of course we’ll still have some pink hearts for you. The problem is how to wear them. Pastel tones with some glitter are a good way to wear classic pink color or simple heart patterns on your nails. If you are not a pink person go with black or nude shade. These 43 sweet nail designs will bring you the best and most romantic vibes for your date night!

Kiss marks.

Kiss marks by Chelsea King

(Chelsea King)

Clear hearts.

Clear hearts by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)

Leopard heart print nails.

Leopard heart print nails by Hannah Lee

(Hannah Lee)

You and me.

You and me by Monica Hues

(Monica Hues)

Pastel candy.

Pastel candy by Anouska Anastasia

(Anouska Anastasia)

3D red roses.

3D red roses by Susan


Heart french.

Heart french by So Hot Right Nail

(So Hot Right Nail)

Vintage red flowers.

Vintage red flower by Nina Park

(Nina Park)

Cupid angel.

Cupid angel by MoYou-London


Lips and chains.

Lips and chains by So Hot Right Nail

(So Hot Right Nail)

French hearts.

French hearts by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)

Amethyst nails.

Amethyst nails by WAH Nails

(WAH Nails)

Gucci inspired nails.

Gucci inspired nails by So Hot Right Nail

(So Hot Right Nail)

Simple lettering nails.

Simple lettering nails by Lieve91


Geometric patterns.

Geometric patterns by Marrinaka


Glass hearts.

Glass hearts by Susan


Hotline bling.

Hotline bling by Anouska Anastasia

(Anouska Anastasia)

Red hearts.

Red hearts by Alina


Shimmery gold accents.

Shimmery gold accent by MoYou-London


Prism effect.

Prism effect by Beyond Club

(Beyond Club)

Hearts and glitter.

Hearts and glitter by Cassandre Marie

(Cassandre Marie)

Hot pink.

Hot pink by Unistella


Dripping hearts.

Dripping heart by Chelsea King

(Chelsea King)


LOVE MORE by Lili Venice Nguyen

(Lili Venice Nguyen)

Graffiti nails.

Graffiti nails by Chelsea King

(Chelsea King)

Shimmer and diffused chrome.

Shimmer and diffused chrome by Jessica Washick

(Jessica Washick)

Baby pink.

Baby pink by Marcelina Micek

(Marcelina Micek)

Matte leopard.

Matte leopard by MoYou-London

(MoYou London)

Starbucks holiday cups.

Starbucks holiday cups by Chelsea King

(Chelsea King)

Date night.

Date night by Monica Hues

(Monica Hues)

Candy hearts.

Candy hearts by So Hot Right Nail

(So Hot Right Nail)

3D crystals.

3D crystals by Mila Nails

(Mila Nails)

Half-and-half color.

Half and a half color by Hannah Lee

(Hannah Lee)

Bleeding hearts.

Bleeding hearts by Ayumu Takasawa

(Ayumu Takasawa)

Half and half.

Half and half by Jessica Washick

(Jessica Washick)

Heart balloons.

Heart balloons by Unistella


Pink lines.

Pink lines by Cassandre Marie

(Cassandre Marie)

Minimal hearts.

Minimal hearts by WAH Nails

(WAH Nails)

Matte neutrals.

Matte neutrals by Profi Nails

(Profi Nails)

Sweet things.

Sweet things by Chelsea King

(Chelsea King)

Popping candies.

Popping candies by Marcelina Micek

(Marcelina Micek)

Minnie inspired nails.

Minnie inspired nails by Chelsea King

(Chelsea King)

The red string.

The red string by Lieve91