44 Gorgeous Festival Nail Art Designs

Emily Gold 03-10-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

Thumb spikes.

Thumb spikes by Nina Park

(Nina Park)

Summer vibe.

Summer vibe by Boom Nails

(Boom Nails)

Galaxy nails.

Galaxy nails by Lili Nguyen

(Lili Nguyen)

Abstract flowers.

Abstract flowers by Sunny


Vivid blue with gold lines.

Vivid blue with gold lines by Avia Marcia Paul

(Avia Marcia Paul)

Glam iridescent silver.

Glam iridescent silver by Ryu Jamae

(Ryu Jamae)

Sun and moon magic nails.

Sun and moon magic nails by Lili Nguyen

(Lili Nguyen)

Stained glass look.

Stained glass look by Cassandre Marie

(Cassandre Marie)

Henna inspired nail art.

Henna inspired nail art by Lili Nguyen

(Lili Nguyen)

Neon french and gold foils.

Neon french and gold foils by Sophie Harris-Greenslade

(Sophie Harris-Greenslade)

Gold studded tips.

Gold studded tips by Maco Kawasaki

(Maco Kawasaki)

Lace patterns.

Lace patterns by Nina Park

(Nina Park)