50 Beautifully Elegant Chignon Hairstyles

Emily Gold 10-13-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

We’re taking you into the vast and diverse world of chignon hairstyles from the most elegant wedding updos to casual, everyday variations. See for yourself why it’s one of the most popular low-slung hairstyles.

Wrap-around updo.

Wrap-around updo by Kristin Ess

(Kristin Ess)

French twist.

French twist by Corinna Hernandez

(Corinna Hernandez)

Simple and sleek chignon.

Simple and sleek chignon by Rosemary Monica

(Rosemary Monica)

Bubbly updo.

Bubbly updo by Heather Chapman

(Heather Chapman)

Voluminous twisted chignon.

Voluminous twisted chignon by Annie Pearce

(Annie Pearce)

Sleek chignon.

Sleek chignon by Kayley Melissa

(Kayley Melissa)

Loose-tucked chignon.

Loose-tucked chignon by Stephanie Brinkerhoff

(Stephanie Brinkerhoff)

Braids combined with a low messy bun.

Braids combined with a low messy bun by Ashley McMullen

(Ashley McMullen)

Low rolled chignon.

Low rolled chignon by Ashley Marie Bloomfield

(Ashley Marie Bloomfield)

Twisted updos with gold hairpin.

Twisted updos with gold hairpin by Kristin Ess

(Kristin Ess)