50 Blonde and Brown Highlights for A Fresh New Look

Emily Gold 01-09-2018 AM ET / 0 Shares

We all love the blonde and brown highlights because they always work. If you are considering changing your hair color for the new year, this is the prefect time to get blonde or brown highlights. The best thing about these highlights is you can always find the perfect shade for your skin tone, face shape, or hairstyle. Once you find the right color, then you have to decide what kind of highlights you want. In general, face-framing highlights and dark tone balayage will make your face look slimmer, and ash tone highlights will make your skin tone look healthier and brighter. Babylights are subtle, dimensional highlights for those who want to keep it simple and clean. Here, 50 gorgeous blonde and brown highlights to freshen things up for the new year.

Ash blonde accents.

Ash blonde accents by Everson Fernandes

(Everson Fernandes)

Natural blend of highlights.

Natural blend of highlights by Laci Nicole

(Laci Nicole)

Sun-kissed balayage.

Sun-kissed balayage by Chad Wood

(Chad Wood)

Color melt done.

Color melt done by Kelly Massias

(Kelly Massias)

Golden brown balayage.

Golden brown balayage by Buddy Porter

(Buddy Porter)

Texturized balayage.

Texturized balayage by Rayhana Rojo

(Rayhana Rojo)

Cool-toned ashy highlights.

Cool-toned ashy highlights by Stephen Garrison

(Stephen Garrison)

Gradation of blonde ombre.

Gradation of blonde ombre by Caitlin Ashjian

(Caitlin Ashjian)

Vintage toned brown.

Vintage toned brown by Nikki Lee

(Nikki Lee)

Light brown and blonde combo.

Light brown and blonde combo by Maggiemh


Warm dimensional brunette.

Warm dimensional brunette by Cherin Choi

(Cherin Choi)

Champagne blonde highlights.

Champagne blonde highlights by Glayda Artuso

(Glayda Artuso)

Vintage brown ombre.

Vintage brown ombre by Amber Joy

(Amber Joy)

Soft platinum blonde accents.

Soft platinum blonde accents by Jean Pierre Sosa

(Jean Pierre Sosa)

Smokey brown highlights.

Smokey brown highlights by Glamiris


Color melt balayage.

Color melt balayage by Nikki Lee

(Nikki Lee)

Mahogany lowlights.

Mahogany lowlights by Natalie Anne

(Natalie Anne Hair)

Soft butter blonde highlights.

Soft butter blonde highlights by Ashlee


Honey brown babylights.

Hoeny brown babylights by Chelsea Hair Cutters

(Chelsea Hair Cutters)

Light brown balayage.

Light brown balayage by Gigi


Dimensional brown balayage.

Dimensional brown balayage by Ashlee


Illumina blonde ombre.

Illumina blonde ombre by Rayhana Rojo

(Rayhana Rojo)

Blonde with a pop of copper.

Blonde with a pop of copper by Kels for Beauty

(Kels for Beauty)

Platinum beige blonde highlights.

Platinum beige blonde highlights by Everson Fernandes

(Everson Fernandes)

Ash blonde to silver blonde.

Ash blonde to silver blonde by Igor Khonin

(Igor Khonin)

Dimensional brown highlights.

Dimensional brown highlights by Daniela Hernandez

(Daniela Hernandez)

Cherry brown ombre.

Cherry brown ombre by Natalie Anne

(Natalie Anne Hair)

Rooty blonde.

Rooty blonde by Maggiemh


Soft butter highlights.

Soft butter highlights by Emrah Demirci

(Emrah Demirci)

Ash caramel blonde highlights.

Ash caramel blonde highlights by Anthony Vincent

(Anthony Vincent)

Sunny glow.

Sunny glow by Justin Anderson

(Justin Anderson)

Face-frame to refresh blonde highlights.

Face-frame to refresh blonde highlights by Cherin Choi

(Cherin Choi)

Chocolate brown ombre.

Chocolate brown ombre by Glayda Artuso

(Glayda Artuso)

Dimensional icy blonde.

Dimensional icy blonde by Kim Tran

(Kim Tran)

Sun-kissed beauty.

Sun-kissed beauty by Chrissy Rasmussen

(Chrissy Rasmussen)

Bright pop.

Bright pop by Chris Greene

(Chris Greene)

Medium ash brown.

Medium ash brown by Chrissy Rasmussen

(Chrissy Rasmussen)

Warm ombre gradient.

Warm ombre gradient by Charlie Gauci

(Charlie Gauci)

Vanilla blonde highlights.

Vanilla blonde highlights by Romeu Felipe

(Romeu Felipe)

Soft butter dimensional blonde.

Soft butter dimensional blonde by Population Salon

(Population Salon)

Warm dark blonde ombre.

Warm dark blonde ombre by Population Salon

(Population Salon)

Dark caramel brown waves.

Dark caramel brown waves by Romeu Felipe

(Romeu Felipe)

Powder blonde highlights.

Powder blonde highlights by Christine Silverman

(Christine Silverman)

Dark walnut lowlights.

Dark walnut lowlights by Natalie Anne Hair

(Natalie Anne Hair)

Face-framing highlights.

Face-framing highlights by Singi Vo

(Singi Vo)

Bleach blonde ombre.

Bleach blonde ombre by Nikki Lee

(Nikki Lee)

Golden blonde with dark roots.

Golden blonde with dark roots by Rachel


Light blonde balayage.

Light blonde balayage by Missy Veyret

(Missy Veyret)

Ash blonde ombre.

Ash blonde ombre by Chris Weber Mirlach

(Chris Weber Mirlach)

Ombre fade.

Ombre fade by Viva La Blonde

(Viva La Blonde)