50 Bohemian Hairstyles to Celebrate Summer

Emily Gold 03-09-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

The term “Bohemian hairstyles” has come to represent a wide variety of different hairdo’s. The Bohemian type, comprised of artists, free spirits, and wandering adventure seekers were free to style their hair in any way they pleased, which resulted in a lot of creative hairstyles featuring braids and headbands.

Today the bohemian look is more popular than ever. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Bohemian hairstyle to go with that new top, or the perfect top to go with that new hairstyle, you won’t be disappointed with any of these Bohemian hairstyles.

Below, a gallery of 50 hairstyles that check every Bohemian box.

Stacked pancake braid with twist half-up.

Stacked pancake braid with twist half-up by Antonio Estrada

(Antonio Estrada)

Braids with feathers.

Braids with feathers by Harfoner


Half-up braids with hair chains.

Half-up braids with hair chains by Kirsten Zellers

(Kirsten Zellers)

Fishtail braided updo.

Fishtail braided updo by Iris Araújo

(Iris Araújo)

Princess Bride half-up.

Princess half-up bride by Steph


Fishtail crown and a rope braid.

Fishtail crown and a rope braid by Mia & Linda

(Mia & Linda)

Textured half-up top knot.

Textured half-up top knot by Victoria Lee

(Victoria Lee)

Floral braid updo.

Floral braid updo by Shelby Scaglia ⠀

(Shelby Scaglia)

Boho half-up.

Boho half-up by Chrissy


Side mixed braids.

Side mixed birads by Saretta Bowerman

(Saretta Bowerman)