50 Bohemian Hairstyles to Celebrate Summer

Emily Gold 03-09-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

Twisted half-up.

Twisted half-up by Steph


Boho chic halo braids with green accents.

Boho chic halo braids with green accents by Karina Kotok

(Karina Kotok)

Caramel swirl twisted topsy style.

Caramel swirl twisted topsy style by Elena Gatzios

(Elena Gatzios)

Fishtail braided updo.

Fishtail braided updo by Jacque Morrison

(Jacque Morrison)

Twist crown and undone braid.

Twist crown and undone braid by Amber Fillerup

(Amber Fillerup)

Flower bun.

Flower bun by Kassandra Poleshuk

(Kassandra Poleshuk)

Tight double fishtails.

Tight double fishtails by Jacque Morrison

(Jacque Morrison)

Mixed braid.

Mixed braid by Jordan


Hippie braids.

Hippie braids by Ashley McMullen

(Ashley McMullen)

Front row braid and fishtail.

Front row braid and fishtail by Kirsten Zellers

(Kirsten Zellers)