50 Bohemian Hairstyles to Celebrate Summer

Emily Gold 03-09-2017 AM ET / 38415 Shares

Side braids and hair rings.

Side braids and hair rings by Brittany Sullivan

(Brittany Sullivan)

Loose romantic rolled up.

Loose romantic rolled up by Laura Kaszoni

(Laura Kaszoni)

Pull-through braids 70’s vibes.

Pull-through braids 70's vibes by Liz Cordis

(Liz Cordis)

Feather fishtail.

Feather fishtail by Lindsey


Pink boho updo.

Pink boho updo by Saretta Bowerman

(Saretta Bowerman)

Faux bubble braid.

Faux bubble braid by Mia & Linda

(Mia & Linda)

Braids & twists updo.

Braids & twists updo by Annette


Large crown braid.

Large crown braid by Kayla Jenkins

(Kayla Jenkins)

Textures and braids.

Textures and braids by Megan Schipani

(Megan Schipani)

Half-up half-down.

Half-up half-down by Gabrielle Roccuzzo

(Gabrielle Roccuzzo)