50 Chic & Stylish Pixie Cuts

Chic pixie cut

Emily Gold 10-27-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

Before you know it you’ll be bundled up tighter than your favorite pair of high school jeans. So why not make a statement with a stylish pixie cut before winter becomes a reality. To help you get a jump on the design phase, we’ve gathered 50 of our favorite cuts that are all sure bets for fall.

Side shaved pixie.

Side shaved pixie by Tuan Tran

(Tuan Tran)

Viral pastel baby blue colorwash.

Viral pastel baby blue colorwash by Sarah LouWho

(Sarah LouWho)

Two-toned pixie.

Two-toned pixie by Julius Caesar

(Julius Caesar)

Metallic touch.

Metallic touch by Serah Shirley

(Serah Shirley)

Sleek pixie cut.

Sleek pixie cut by Jesse Gaines

(Jesse Gaines)

Soft textured pixie.

Soft textured pixie by Olivia


Tousled & textured.

Tousled & textured by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Soft and flowing.

Soft and flowing by Takanori Imaizumi

(Takanori Imaizumi)

Sunset coral pixie.

Sunset coral pixie by Pamela Payne

(Pamela Payne)

Geometric shaved pixie.

Geometric shaved pixie by Tuan Tran

(Tuan Tran)

Metallic pink.

Metallic pink by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Face framing layers.

Face framing layers by Susan Ford

(Susan Ford)

Hint of pink.

Hint of pink by Viviana Veglia

(Viviana Veglia)

Soft bowl cut.

Soft bowl cut by Ryabchik Moscow

(Ryabchik Moscow)

Asymmetrical pixie.

Asymmetrical pixie by Sean


Undercut pixie.

Undercut pixie by Julius Caesar

(Julius Caesar)

Metallic buzz cut.

Metallic buzz cut by Caitlin Tyczka

(Caitlin Tyczka)

Blunt bangs.

Blunt bangs by LJ Sharman

(LJ Sharman)

Leopard undercut.

Leopard undercut by Menschenim Salon

(Menschenim Salon)

Classic pixie.

Classic pixie by Takanori Imaizumi

(Takanori Imaizumi)

Vintage toned pixie.

Vintage toned pixie by Caitlin Tyczka

(Caitlin Tyczka)

Grunge pixie.

Grunge pixie by Kayla Johnson

(Kayla Johnson)

Lavender highlights.

Lavender highlights by Sarah LouWho

(Sarah LouWho)

Edgy chop.

Edgy chop by Nicole May

(Nicole May)

Natural texture.

Natural texture by Kaycie Harrison

(Kaycie Harrison)

Long pixie.

Long pixie by Riawna Capri

(Riawna Capri)

Purple and pink.

Purple and pink by Patricia


Messy texture.

Messy texture by Luis Valdez

(Luis Valdez)

Pulled back bangs.

Pulled back bangs by Sarah LouWho

(Sarah LouWho)

Bold bangs.

Bold bangs by Sara Fetters

(Sara Fetters)

Pastel vintage rose pixie.

Pastel vintage rose pixie by Emily Anderson

(Emily Anderson)

Icy hue.

Icy hue by Chris jones

(Chris jones)

Green pixie.

Green pixie by Doug Theoharis

(Doug Theoharis)

Tousled undercut pixie.

Tousled undercut pixie by Sam Campagna

(Sam Campagna)

Neon pixie with braids.

Neon pixie with braids by Kate Loves

(Kate Loves)

Dimensional metallics.

Dimensional metallics by Amy Ramos

(Amy Ramos)

Side parted pixie.

Side parted pixie by HeymelindaK


Soft undercut.

Soft undercut by Andy Bates

(Andy Bates)

Pastel pink pixie.

Pastel pink pixie by Mo Gibson

(Mo Gibson)

Boyish and glam.

Boyish and glam by Sarah LouWho

(Sarah LouWho)

Baby highlights.

Baby highlights by Michele Sanford

(Michele Sanford)

Mohawk pixie.

Mohawk pixie by Beyou Nique

(Beyou Nique)

Spiky pixie.

Spiky pixie by Emily Anderson

(Emily Anderson)

Curly pixie.

Curly pixie by Myesha Polnett

(Myesha Polnett)

Cupcake swirl.

Cupcake swirl by Amy Ramos

(Amy Ramos)

Metallic blue.

Metallic blue by Emily Anderson

(Emily Anderson)

Boxer braided pixie.

Boxer braided pixie by Patricia


Rumpled waves.

Rumpled waves by Emrah Demirci

(Emrah Demirci)

Light texture.

Light texture by Courtney Xcentric